Steve teaches at all levels of the curriculum, from large introductory lecture courses to graduate seminars.

Past offerings include: Ethics and Climate Change (PHIL 416/ENVIR 416), Ethics and Geoengineering (PHIL 417/ENVR 417); Contemporary Political Philosophy (PHIL 410), Global Justice (PHIL 407), Virtue Ethics (PHIL 401), Environmental Ethics (PHIL 301), An Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 240), Justice Matters (VALUES 512), and Justice and Future Generations (PHIL 510).  He has also co-taught courses with Tom Ackerman (Atmospheric Sciences), Michael Blake (Philosophy/Public Affairs), Richard Gammon (Oceanography), and Mike Wallace (Atmospheric Sciences).

In 2017-18, Steve is teaching a large introductory course in environmental ethics (ENVIR/PHIL 243), a graduate seminar on climate justice (PHIL 540), and an advanced interdisciplinary course on the ethics and science of geoengineering with Tom Ackerman (ENVIR/PHIL 417).