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Philosophy 120A
Autumn 2007

Introduction to Logic

The Grade Grinder

What is it?

The Grade Grinder (hereafter GG) is a computer (a pair of computers, actually, one at Stanford University and the other at the University of Chicago) programmed to evaluate many of the exercises in LPL. You may submit your solutions for your own edification, of course, but you will also be submitting homework exercises to GG. Most of the homework assignments in this course can be turned in only by using GG.

In order to use GG, you must register your copy of the software at the LPL web site, using the ID number that came with your copy of the book-software package. This ID number is non-transferable, so be sure that the number that came with your copy of LPL has not been used before. The only way to guarantee this is to buy an unused copy of LPL.

When you submit work to GG, you will receive a response very quickly (normally within a minute or two) evaluating your work. Each time you submit an assignment, you have the option of forwarding the evaluation to the instructor, or have it sent just to you. When you are checking your work for your own information only, be sure to click on Just Me. Do not click on Instructor Too until you are ready to submit a homework assignment. You are permitted only one submission to the instructor for each of the 20 homework assignments, so be careful when making submissions for your own information only.

It is perfectly acceptable to make as many submissions (marked Just Me) as you like, until you are satisfied with your work, before you submit your final answers to Instructor Too.


How to use GG

Submit CubeYou submit exercises to GG by using the Submit program included with LPL. Be sure to read pp. 5–10 of LPL, which provide a detailed description of the procedure. Be sure to do the You try it on pp. 8–10. To have a grade report sent to your instructor, be sure to click on Instructor Too after you have clicked on Submit Files. (You must send a grade report to the instructor to get credit for the assignment.) For the instructor email address, use the address of your section instructor (teaching assistant).

For more on submitting assignments, click here.



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