TCORE 122, Spring 2013


Origami Math

SLN 19294
8:00-10:05am Tuesday & Thursday

The Class Syllabus answers most policy questions.
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Canvas is used to record grades.
Class or prep materials, depending on who you are:

Old Course Websites Paper & Project Directions
Course Pack Origami Project Requirements
Robert Lang's TED talk Origami Project Rubric
viHart's angle-a-tron
Kary Mullis' TED talk History Project Requirements
viHart's take on Pythagorus History Project Rubric
David Deutsch TED talk brainstorming example
36 degrees with patty
NPR Story
Quizzes & Midterm .tex files
quiz 1 (solutions) source
quiz 2 (solutions) source
quiz 3 (solutions) source
midterm (solutions) source Review .tex files
quiz 4 (solutions) source old midterm (solutions) source
Practice Final (solutions) source