TCORE 122, Spring 2011


Origami Math

SLN 18612
1:30-3:35pm Monday & Wednesday

The Class Syllabus answers most policy questions.
MyUW allows you to register for classes and change grading options.
Catalyst is used to record grades.
Some extra study or prep materials, depending on who you are:

Old Course Websites Paper & Project Directions
Robert Lang's TED talk Origami Project 1 Requirements
NPR Story Origami Project 1 Rubric
Course Pack CSE citations
Research Paper Requirements
Quizzes & Midterm .tex files Research Paper Rubric
quiz 1 (solutions) source Origami Project 2 Requirements
quiz 2 (solutions) source Origami Project 2 Rubric
quiz 3 (solutions) source Persuasive Paper Requirements
midterm (solutions) source Persuasive Paper Rubric
quiz 4 (solutions) source Origami Display Requirements
quiz 5 (solutions) source Origami Display Rubric
quiz 6 (solutions) source
quiz 7 (solutions) source Computing Grade Worksheet Key