Press Releases

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`Mirage Earth' exoplanets may have burned away chances for life, Peter Kelley, 2 Dec 2014. See Luger & Barnes (2015).

Astronomers: ‘Tilt-a-worlds’ could harbor life, Peter Kelley, 15 Apr 2014. See Armstrong et al. (2014).

Astronomers find three `super-Earths' in nearby star's habitable zone, Peter Kelley, 25 Jun 2013. See Anglada-Escude et al. (2013).

Life possible on extrasolar moons, Kerstin Mork, 10 Jan 2013. See Heller & Barnes (2013),

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Tidal heating shrinks the `goldilocks zone', Richard A. Lovett, 8 May 2012. See Barnes et al. (2013).

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"Weird orbits of neighbors can make 'habitable' planets not so habitable", Vince Stricherz, 24 May 2010.

"First Earth-like Planet Spotted Outside Solar System Likely a Volcanic Wasteland", Sandra Hines, 6 Jan 2010. See Barnes et al. (2010).

"Most Earthlike Exoplanet Started out as Gas Giant", Francis Reddy, 6 Jan 2010. See Jackson et al. (2010).

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"Models Show One Nearby Star System Could Host Earth-like Planet", Vince Stricherz, 24 Jul 2006. See Raymond, Barnes & Kaib (2006).