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AMath 483/583 Class Notes
Spring Quarter, 2013

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Lab 14: Thursday May 15, 2014

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Lab 15: Tuesday May 20, 2014

Install JSAnimation: See Animation in Python.


Note: These use $UWHPSC/labs/lab15/JSAnimation_frametools.py.

Problem to solve

Create an animation similar to http://faculty.washington.edu/rjl/classes/am583s2014/Square.html.


  • The following matplotlib commands may be useful:

    fill(x,y,'b')   # fill polygon specified by arrays x and y with blue
    axis('scaled')   # scale x and y axes the same way
  • Recall that to rotate a point $(x,y)$ through angle $theta$ you can can compute

    \(\hat x = \cos(\theta)x + \sin(\theta)y\)

    \(\hat y = -\sin(\theta)x + \cos(\theta)y\)

There is no quiz for Lab 15