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AMath 483/583 Class Notes
Spring Quarter, 2013

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Overview and syllabus

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Class FormatΒΆ

This class is being taught differently in 2014 than in past years.

  • Students will be required to watch 3 hours of lectures a week that will be available on the web (videos recorded in Spring, 2013). These follow the slides and lecture notes from last year, but some new material will also be developed.

    Enrolled students can find the videos on the Canvas Syllabus Page or on your Canvas Calendar on the corresponding date. Click on the Lecture number link to find the videos, slides, and the associated quiz.

  • There is a short quiz associated with each lecture to encourage you to watch the lectures. All the quizzes can also be found on the Canvas Quizzes Page.

  • Each quiz is worth 5 points (with the lowest 3 scores dropped, out of the 28 Lecture Quizzes). The quiz for all three lectures of each calendar week must be completed by 11:00pm PDT on the following Monday.

  • Slides to accompany all the lectures, along with a summary of the topics covered in each lecture, can be found at `http://faculty.washington.edu/rjl/classes/am583s2013/slides/`_

  • For on-campus students, the class meets for a lab session T-Th, 2:30 - 3:20 in OUG 136. This is an Active Learning Classroom and class time will be used primarily for working together with other students on exercises designed to illustrate and reinforce the material. Some additional new material will also be presented. For on-campus students, attendance will be required at these sessions, and each lab will contain some work that is turned in for grading. (With the lowest two scores dropped in case you miss a lab or two.)

  • Undergraduates should enroll in AMath 483 and graduate students in 583. The lectures and classroom sessions are identical, but the 583 course will have some additional and/or more advanced assignments.

  • Section 583B is for online Masters degree students only and is not available to on-campus students. Students in this section will view the same video lectures as on-campus students. In addition, parts of the T-Th lab sessions will be taped and available to watch, along with the exercises tackled by students in these sessions.

  • Homework and a final project will consist primarily of programming assignments. There will be 4 homeworks worth 100 points each and the project will be worth 200 points.