Downloading and installing software for this class

See Using SageMathCloud for some information on using SageMathCloud as an alternative to installing software on your own computer.


We will use the Git version control language for various purposes:

  • To distribute computer code and other materials through the class repository,
  • To make sure you have an up-to-date version of Clawpack, which might be updated during the quarter.
  • To submit homework.
  • To collaborate with other students on a class project.

There are many resources for learning to use Git. You might start with the GitHub Set Up Git page, which includes information on how to install it.

The Software Carpentry lessons cover the basics pretty well.

The Clawpack Developers’ Guide has some information about our standard development procedure with Git.

See Class GitHub Repository for information on cloning the class repository.


We will use Clawpack extensively in this class.

A new version will be released before the quarter starts, so you might hold off on installing for now.

Fortran and Python

A recent version of gfortran or other Fortran compiler should be fine.

We will use Python 2.x (not 3.x). I recommend the Anaconda distribution of Python 2.7 since this contains a long list of packages, including the latest version of the IPython notebook, matplotlib, etc.

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