Class GitHub Repository

All of the files that you may need to access for this class will be pushed to the GitHub repository amath574w2017/am574-class.

To clone this repository:

git clone

This will create a directory am574-class.

AM574 environment variable

I suggest you define an environment variable AM574 that points to this repository, e.g. in the bash shell:

export AM574=/full/path/to/am574-class

(You will need to adjust this to set the path properly.)

You can put this command in the file ~/.bashrc if you want it to be executed every time you open a new shell.

Then you can do, e.g.

cd $AM574

to change directories to the class repository.

Below and elsewhere in these notes, $AM574 will be used to refer to the full path to the class repository.

To update

If new files have been added to the class repository, you can get them by doing:

cd $AM574
git pull

Your copy of these files

To avoid having to worry about conflicts if you change a file and the same file changes in the repository, I suggest that you never modify the files in this directory. Instead, create another directory for doing your own work, e.g.

mkdir my574
export MY574=/full/path/to/my574

Then copy any files you need to this directory before working with them, e.g.

cp -r $AM574/homeworks/hw1  $MY574/

will recursively copy the directory hw1.

Then modify the files in the new hw1 directory.

Stayed tuned for instructions on pushing your results back to GitHub.