Lillian (Lily) Ratliff is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington. She also holds an Adjunct Professor position in the Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at UW. Prior to joining UW she was a postdoctoral researcher in EECS at UC Berkeley (2015-2016) where she also obtained her PhD (2015) under the advisement of Shankar Sastry. She holds a MS (UNLV 2010) and BS (UNLV 2008) in Electrical Engineering as well as a BS (UNLV 2008) in Mathematics. Lillian's research interests lie at the intersection of game theory, learning, and optimization. She draws on theory from these areas to develop analysis tools for studying algorithmic competition, cooperation and collusion and synthesis tools for designing algorithms with performance guarantees. In addition, she is interested in developing new theoretical models of human decision-making in consideration of behavioral factors in societal-scale systems (e.g., intelligent infrastructure, platform-based markets and e-commerce, etc.) and computational schemes to shape the outcome of competitive interactions. Lillian is the recipient of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2009), NSF CISE Research Initiation Initiative award (2017), and an NSF CAREER award (2019), and the ONR Young Investigator award (2020). Lillian was also an invited speaker at the NAE China-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (2019) and recently awarded the Dhanani Endowed Faculty Fellowship (2020).