Sedation of Phobic Dental Patients With an Emphasis on the Use of Oral Triazolam


Fred Quarnstrom, D.D.S.,

F.A.S.D.A., F.A.G.D., F.I.C.D.
Diplomate, American Dental Board of Anesthesiology

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This is a manual I put together in 1992. It is meant as a guide for the dentist who wants to use oral sedation. I had used Halcion, triazolam, for several years and kept records on 75 patients. As of 1997 I have used it in excess of 250 times. The manual is still available at $29 for those who do not want to down load and bind the whole thing. I will add illustrations as time allows and my skill improves. Please e-mail me your comments.

To download as an Acrobat PDF file click here. It must be opened using Adobe Acrobat.

title page and introduction

so you want to treat phobic patients

which patients are phobic

how safe is sedation

routes of drug administration/b>

drug options

associated physiology

monitoring techniques

advantages of triazolam


my office protocol

my clinical study

record keeping

case reports


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