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Parker MacCready

Model Drifters in Juan de Fuca Canyon

Image: numerical simulation of water parcels crossing the continental shelf in the Juan de Fuca Canyon, made using ROMS+particulator+Narwhal+WorldWide Telescope at Microsoft Research Connections.

Goals of my work:

  1. To advance fundamental understanding of estuarine and coastal physical oceanography,
  2. To link patterns of circulation and mixing to biogeochemical processes, and
  3. To communicate what we learn to people in a way that brings them a closer connection to the waters they live near.

PM Corolla by Kevin Sullivan


Professor: UW School of Oceanography
Editor: Encyclopedia of Puget Sound

Contact info:
University of Washington, Box 355351
Seattle, WA 98195-5351
Cell: (360) 359-1936, UW: (206) 685-9588
Office: 313 Ocean Sciences Building (OCN) (map)