Pieter Bruegel (n. 1525-1530)

principalmente diseñaba para grabados y pintaba. Su serie de los siete pecados (1556-1557; fue comisionada por Jerome Cock, quien publicó los grabados (de Pieter van der Heyden) en 1558. En la serie se le nota mucho la influencia del Bosco, tendencia que Cock fomentaba en vista de la enorme popularidad de viejo maestro (muerto ya unos 50 años antes).



3)Gula (Gluttony)

Gluttony is personified by a woman in the dress of a Flemish burgher's wife. She guzzles from a jug. At her feet her animal equivalent, a hog with the ears and back feet of a dog, feast on turnips and carrots which have spilled form an upturned basket, bearing Bruegel's signature. A naked human couple are eating from the same table as Envy; they are encouraged by demons who are about to carry off the woman. Another human, his head held by a demon, vomits into the river, narrowly missing a naked swimmer. Behind him, only the top half of another swimmer's head is visible and on top of it he balances an egg, a recurring symbol of sin in Bruegel's work. Behind Envy is her 'house,' a ramshackle tent. It partially shelters a wine barrel from which a monster in monk's cowl drinks wine. In the branches of the blasted tree hang bagpipes, its bag denoting obesity. To the left is a giant on his knees imprisoned in a mill with spiked wheels. He is trapped, tormented by all the self-indulgence around him, unable to participate.

In the right foreground a bloated fish, his split belly sown up but splitting again, eats a smaller fish. To heis left a dog upsets a tray carried by a monster dressed as a butcher. Behind, a naked man is trapped, legs flailing, in a wine barrel-again, a punishment fitting his sin, drunkenness. At the water's edge an obese man has to carry his own distended stomach in a cart. Above him a windmill is fashioned from a human face; sacks are shovelled into the mouthwhich, mechanically, unceasingly, grinds them. In the background is the familiar landscape of ruined and burning buildings. The Latin motto reads: Drunkenness and gluttony must be shunned.

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