1. Educational Inquiry: an in-depth, two-quarter introduction for incoming doctoral students to the research traditions of education

  2. Design-based Research Methods in Education: a two-quarter, project-focused methods sequence on design-based research that takes students through a cycle of design, enactment, analysis, and reporting [Quarter 1] [Quarter 2]

  3. Exploring the Gap between Science Education and Science Practices: an exploration of the evolving gulfs and continuities between the practice of science education and our understanding of how science works

  4. Everyday Technologing in Youth Culture: has a dual focus on understanding the technological fluencies that kids develop (how they 'become technological') as well as how digital technologies, electronic gadgets, and interactive media influence children's development

  5. Emerging Genres of Learning Technology: an overview of current research exploring the affordances of novel computer technologies for learning

  6. Dilemmas in Teaching and Learning: a course in the UW Teacher Education Program that introduces preservice teachers to the learning sciences and problematizes aspects of teaching and learning

  7. Cognition in the Context of the School Curriculum: a survey of cognitive theories and research that can inform instruction in history, literature, science, and mathematics