Looking for students

Hey UW students: Are you looking for an undergrad research project, either for capstone credit (for UW Tacoma Environmental Science or Studies students) or for experience? We're looking for new lab members! Here are a few ways you can get involved: We're finishing up some work using magnetic properties to look at sediment transport in … Continue reading Looking for students

A New Way to Look at Changes in Earth’s Magnetic Field Intensity?

I noticed this article in EOS recently (thanks to Jon Mound and Nick Swanson-Hysell on Twitter for the heads up), and thought I'd comment. Although I'm framing these as caveats, please don't take the comments to be an attack on anyone, either the article's author or the authors of the study it describes. I'm just … Continue reading A New Way to Look at Changes in Earth’s Magnetic Field Intensity?

Geology as Quilts

Sometimes you make the darndest connections on Twitter. Like a few weeks ago, when Nadine Gabriel tweeted this: Sweet dreams: a quilt based on a thin section of gabbro. By Ann Johnston #ThinSectionThursday #EarthSciArt #SciArt — Nadine Gabriel (@NadWGab) June 1, 2017 Here is a tweet from a geologist halfway around the world about … Continue reading Geology as Quilts

Grad School 2: I want to go to grad school, so what should I do?

Suppose you've been mulling over graduate school, and you've decided that it's for you. You have a good reason - maybe you like research, or maybe you want to teach, or maybe your plan to save the world (or maybe just a secure career with some hope of advancement) involves having an MS or a PhD - and you are OK with the commitment. Now: how do you actually do it?