Informatics Training for
CDC Public Health Advisors
July 1997


Summer Institute for Public Health Practice All classes are in Room T473, Health Sciences Center,

University of Washington School of Public Health and Community Medicine, July 1997 Schedule except computer lab on July 23, 1-3pm.


Monday, July 21st

Tuesday, July 22nd

Wednesday, July 23rd

Thursday, July 24th

Friday, July 25th



Introduction &
Basic Concepts


1:00 Public Health Informatics; Overview of  course (O’Carroll)


1:45 IRM & IRM Planning (Curt


2:45 Introduction to Information Architecture (O’Carroll)


Data and Databases


1:00 Databases & database Design (Yasnoff)


2:00 Database Exercise (Yasnoff & O’Carroll)


Using the WWW

(Note: In the HSLIC
computer lab, Room T-351)


1:00 Web Basics (Rambo)


1:45 Finding what you need on the Web: strategies for success (O’Carroll)



Information Architecture, revisited


1:00 CDC Systems—Inferring architecture (O’Carroll)


2:30 Information Architecture Exercise (O’Carroll & Yasnoff)


Managing IT Resources (cont’d)


1:00 IT Procurement (O’Carroll)


1:30 How to cause IT
Disasters (Yasnoff)


2:30 IT consultation   Intro & Exercise (Yasnoff, Sokolow & Biggs)












3:30 Introduction to Networks (Wilhoite)


4:30 Network exercise (Wilhoite)


3:30 Data standards (Jernigan)



4:30 Confidentiality, Privacy, & Security (Yasnoff)


Publishing on the WWW

3:30 Why—and Why not (O’Carroll)


3:45 Establishing a "Web
Presence" (Wilhoite)


4:15 Design principles


4:45 HTML demystified: demonstration & exercise


Managing IT Resources: People, Projects &


3:30 People & Projects (Yasnoff)




3:30 IT consultation exercise



4:30 Using informatics in your public health career (all instructors)

Social & Optional Events*

Dinner: Madrona Restaurant,
Bainbridge Island




5:45-7:00 Cappuccino, etc. with the Instructors



*NOTE: All events after 5:30pm are optional.

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