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Retired from Teaching as of June 15, 2020

No longer accepting students for supervision

Professor Emeritus
Department of Geography
University of Washington
Box 353550 [express mail add: 408a Smith Hall]
Seattle, WA 98195-3550

nyergesATu.washington.edu (replace AT with @)
Phone: (206) 543-5296, Fax: (206) 543-3313
Office: 402 Smith Hall

Curriculum Vitae

Brief Curriculum Vitae: pdf

Cumulative Curriculum Vitae: pdf








Geography 360: Principles of GIS Mapping Description, Course Home Page
Geography 462: Coastal GIS Description, Course Home Page

Geography 464: GIS and Decision Support Description, Course Home Page
Geography 465: GIS Databases and Programming Description Course Home Page

Geography 469: GIS Workshop Description, Course Home Page
Geography 482: GIS Data Management, Course Home Page

Geography 520: Geographic Information Representation Description, Course Home Page

Geography GIS Program Description: pdf

UW Online Master of GIS Home page

Community and Regional Sustainability Courses at the U of Washington pdf



1994-1998 National Science Foundation  Collaborative Spatial Decision Making - GIS and Decision Models
1997-2002 U.S. Department of Energy  Environmental Cleanup and the Decision Mapping System

2001-2004 National Science Foundation Collaborative Spatial Decision Making for Water Resource Planning
2003-2008 National Science Foundation An Internet Platform to Support Public Participation in Transportation Decision Making
2008 National Science Foundation Supplement Comparing Water Resources Decision Support Situations, Techniques, and Tools

2007-2010 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Vulnerability Maps of Regional Climate Change Impacts on the Coast

2009-2012 National Science Foundation Participatory Interaction Modeling of Online Geographic Decision Making

2010-2015 National Science Foundation CyberGIS Software Integration for Sustained Geospatial Innovation


Links to Related Research: Spatial Decision Support Consortium









Nyerges, Mark, Laurini and Egenhofer 1995. Cognitive Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction for GIS

Jankowski and Nyerges 2001. Geographic Information Systems for Group Decision Making

Nyerges and Jankowski 2010. Textbook Regional and Urban GIS: A Decision Support Approach; Available from Guilford Press; available from Amazon.com, Reviewed in ACSM Bulletin

Nyerges, Couclelis and McMaster 2011. Handbook of GIS and Society; Amazon.com

last update: 6/7/20