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BPOLST 500 Course Project
Traffic Congestion
Back to Teaching Thank you for visiting my BPOLST500 course page. My name is Nives Dolsak and I am Associate Professor in Master of Arts in Policy Studies (MAPS) Program at University of Washington Bothell. In this program, we empower our students by training them in analytical methods and providing them with opportunities to undertake applied projects in public policy from local to global level. I encourage you to visit the MAPS home page to learn more about our unique policy studies program.

BPOLST500 is the very first course our MAPS students take. In this course, I train students to conduct rigorous analysis of important public policy problems and develop solutions for them. In fall of 2007, I challenged my students to respond to Seattle's traffic congestion by exploring 3 concrete demand-side solutions (Congestion Pricing, GoLoco, and Ride a Bus). The class was divided into three groups with each group exploring one of the above solutions. I also asked them to ensure that their policy solutions can be implemented in the short run. Further more, I secured funding of $300 for each group from the UW Bothell Teaching and Learning Center and from GoLoco. Through short assignments, I guided students through policy problem definition, solution development, identification of policy stakeholders, and policy agenda-setting and advocacy. Please follow the links on the left side of this page to see what the students recommend. If you have ideas for projects in my future classes, feel free to e-mail me.




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