PABIO 590C, Spring

Course Schedule

1. Monday, May 7. Introduction and Developing a concept for a research proposal

Matching program with interests with grantor
Choosing a project

General review criteria

2.  Wednesday, May 9.  Structure of a grant:  choosing and framing your proposal

Specific Aims
Background and Significance

Preliminary results
Experimental Plan

Review this PDF of an annotated good NIH grant:

3.  Friday, May 11.  Proposal plans

Bring in 5 copies of a one page draft of your aims for your research proposal.  We will break into groups to discuss so that you can revise and work on your proposals. 

4.  Monday, May 14.  Review of grants

Assignment to study section and funding agency.  Composition of study sectionRole of SRA, grant assignment  How is a review constructed?  Common concerns for grants.Handouts: examples of critiques

5.  Weds., May 16.  Mock study section

This session will illustrate to students what happens at a grant review meeting.  UW faculty members who have served on NIH study sections will participate. . 

6.  Friday, May 18.  After the scientific review

What happens after the review?  Role of Program Officer and CouncilSubmitting a revised proposalResponding to the critique

Mini-proposals are due. Click here for a description of the format required.   These will be provided to other members of class.

7.  Monday, May 21. Student miniproposals

Small group discussions of student mini-proposals. 

Bring five copies of each of your critiques to class. Click here for a description of the format. 

Tuesday May 29.  Revised proposals including responses to critiques are due at 10 am.  Email these to Marilyn and to the other members of your group.

NO CLASS Weds. May 23; Friday May 25; or Monday May 28

8. Weds. May 30.  Grant sources and budgets

Federal vs non-federal
Matching program with interests with grantor. 
Types of grants:  fellowship, R01, program project, program announcements, RFPsHow to plan a budget
how to assess your needs, budget justification

9. Friday, June 1.  Revised proposals: we will discuss and critique the proposals with the applicant

Have prepared comments on your assigned proposals, indicating both your assessment of significance, approach, and innovation.  How well did the applicant respond to the critique?  Bring in 5 copies of your critique. 

This schedule may be updated as the course progresses.