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 AMATH 501 
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There are no required textbooks.

I will post lecture notes to the web page.

Lecture Notes

There are a limited number of appropriate vector-analysis ebooks available.
However the non-profit Internet Archive has a early edition of Davis and Snider's
popular book available online. Please see:

Davis, H. F. and Snider, A. D. 1979. Introduction to Vector Analysis. Allyn and Bacon, Boston.
Link to Textbook

The mathematics library has a number of Springer ebooks that can be
downloaded and used as textbooks for the complex-variables portion of
the course. For examples, please see:

Agarwal, R. P., Perera, K., and Pinelas, S. 2011. An Introduction to Complex Analysis. Springer, New York.
Link to Textbook

Cohen, H. 2007. Complex Analysis with Applications in Science and Engineering. Springer, New York.
Link to Textbook

Ponnusamy, S. and Silverman, H. 2006. Complex Variables with Applications. Birkhauser, Boston.
Link to Textbook

Please see the references sections for other useful books.