Psychology, the theory of the dynamic structure and function of the human mind-and-heart, is an area of central concern in Neo-Confucian thought. Psychological theory draws heavily upon the metaphysical/cosmological framework (cf. Chapter One) and determines the approach to the all-important matter of self-cultivation (cf. Chapters Eight, Nine, and Ten).

Korean Neo-Confucian thought, largely due to a major controversy (the "four-seven debate) originated by T'oegye, developed this anthropo-cosmic psychology beyond where it was taken in either China or Japan. Chapter Six presents the basic framework of this psychology and also lays out new developments initiated by T'oegye. The Commentary on the chapter takes up the following topics:

          Mind, Nature, Feelings, and Intention                            

          The Two States of the Mind                                      

          Correspondence Between T'oegye and Ki Taesung

                on the Four-Seven Question                                

          Principle and Material Force Mutually Issue

                the Feelings                                                  

          The Causal Origin of the Four-Seven Distinction               

          The Four-Seven Debate and the Understanding

                of Mencius                                                   

The Significance of the Four-Seven Debate.