As a civil rights activist in the South, and later as a labor and civil rights historian, Honey has written songs and sung with Pete Seeger, Guy and Candie Carawan, Jimmy Collier, David Sawyer, the Seattle Labor Chorus, and others. His signature program, “Links on the Chain: Songs of the Labor and Civil Rights Movements,” recorded at a studio in 1988, featured songs, images, and stories of American history. He recently recorded a number of songs from his book, Sharecroppers’ Troubadour, and has performed music as part of his lectures in various places.  


Links on the Chain

Links on the Chain, 12 tracks Michael Honey and David Sawyer performed Links on the Chain, Songs of the Labor and Civil Rights Movements, with a grant from the District of Columbia Humanities Council, at the Smithsonian Institution and at various campuses. In 1988, they recorded some of those songs at KPLU studio in Tacoma, WA. In subsequent years, Honey has performed the program with Pete Seeger, Jimmy Collier, Bettie Fikes, the Total Experience Gospel Choir, Steve DeTray, and the Seattle Labor Chorus.


Sharecropper's Troubadour Music

Sharecroppers’ Troubadour, 13 tracks These tracks present recordings of John Handcox made in 1937 at the Library of Congress, along with several songs written by John and co-written by Michael Honey and recorded in Friday Harbor, Washington. The origins of the songs and their lyrics appear in Honey’s book, Sharecroppers’ Troubadour.