Video Sources

Additional Lawson Cuts

Video Cuts are from interviews conducted with James Lawson in Los Angeles 2014 and Lawson speaking engagements at UW Tacoma and Shiloh Baptist Church (Tacoma) in 2008. To view the Tacoma engagements in their entirety, visit the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies

1. Defining Violence

a) Definitions: Power & Violence, UWT Talk
b) US is a violent nation, UWT Talk

2. Defining Nonviolence

a) Definition: Nonviolence, UWT Talk
b) Non-violence is not cowardly or passive, Shiloh Talk
c) Non-violence has a personal dimension (includes story about being denied a hotel room in DC), Lawson LA Interview, Part 2
d) Non-violence calls for the building of community, long-term struggle,Shiloh Talk

3. The Four Steps of Nonviolent Action

a) Step 1: Focus (define issues, imagine solutions, investigate, recruit, educate, empower), UWT Talk
b) Step 1: Build Community, Lawson LA Interview, Part 1
c) Step 2: Negotiation, protracted struggle, UWT Talk
d) Step 2: Stay on Target / Methodology of social change, Lawson LA Interview, Part 1
e) Step 3: Direct action – escalation & disruption of business and daily life, UWT Talk
f) Step 4: Followup – analysis, implementation of agreements, healing, next steps, UWT Talk
g) Story: Easter protest in Birmingham; the mystery of non-violence, Shiloh Talk

4. Nonviolent Solutions

a) Non-violence as a lifestyle, not just a method of protest, Shiloh Talk
b) A post-violence society, UWT Talk
c) Call to movement – we are the ones who will make a difference, Shiloh Talk
d) Revolution of convergence – ending oppression for all, Shiloh Talk

Lawson Lectures and Speaking Engagements

Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, Univ. of Washington

California State University Northridge- Youtube Page

Center for the Study of Political Graphics- Youtube Page

  • “Art of Resistance – Angela Davis and Rev. James Lawson”

 The Veterans of Hope Project

International Center of Nonviolent Conflict- Youtube Page, Fletcher Summer Institutes (FSI)

University of Mississippi, Winter Institute Lectures- Vimeo, International Conference on Race: Race Reconciliation, 10/31/2003

Donnie L. Betts-Vimeo

Northern Illinois Conference-Vimeo

Larry Gross-Vimeo

Wittenberg University- Vimeo, Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Convocation

Reconciling Ministries Vimeo, “Rev. James Lawson”

Lincoln Harrison- Vimeo, “CSUN On-Point 12/07/10, Host: Rory O’ Sullivan”

Islamic Shura Council of Southern California