Mohamed Ali

Purdu TechFest

My talk at Purdue TechFest 2011. That was awesome reconnecting with Purdue students! 


With Sethu at Com Geo 2010

Sharing a keynote with Balan Sethu Raman. I miss working with you, Sethu! 


With Jeremiah Miller and Miles Raymond at SSTD 2011

With my Winter-2011 GIS class champions: Jeremiah Miller and Miles Raymond, at SSTD 2011 banquet cruise. Thanks for landing the course project into a successful publication! 


Open Data For Open Science 2012

My talk at the Open Data for Open Science (ODOS) 2012. StreamInsight processing and WorldWide Telescope visualizing GPS traces. 


First two StreamInsight patents

The first two patent awards for StreamInsight. Those are the patents that made StreamInsight a product and made me an inventor! 


With Patent awards

More patent awards. Yes, I am an inventor! 


Shipping award

Shipping SQL Server 2008 and StreamInsight 1.2. 


With Bell Tower at Purdue

With the Purdue Bell Tower. 


With Sensor Board at VLDB 2005

With my sensor board, VLDB 2005, Trondheim, Norway. Thanks Prof. Sumi Helal, Univ of Florida, Gainesville, for the sensor board!