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As a word, sprog means a child, baby, or a recruit. Given our stage of infancy within the information security domain this makes the use of the acronym SPROG even more appropriate for the group I’ll be starting this fall–Security and Privacy Research and Outreach Group.

In the world of information security and privacy, research is important but not enough. Individuals of all ages need to be educated, trained, and made aware of issues related to security and privacy.

SPROG  is a research and outreach group. The plan is to meet weekly, discuss research issues worth exploring, as well as where outreach efforts will be beneficial to our local community.

Some individuals that participate in SPROG may choose to focus exclusively on security issues, while others may concentrate exclusively on issues related to privacy. Likewise, some individuals may choose to focus on research, while others may spend their time working on outreach opportunities. However, most will find some satisfaction getting their feet wet in multiple spaces. While I will coordinate the effort, the goal is to create an environment that supports your interests in these areas.

The meeting will be held on the UW Bothell campus with dates and times to be announced.