Sample MSME Curriculum in Energy & Fluids

Click here for a sample curriculum for Non-Thesis MS Students interested in specializing in Energy & Fluids.


Energy & Fluids Courses in ME

ME 415 Sustainability and Design for Environment ME 425 HVAC Engineering
ME 426 Sustainable Energy Design (aka ME 539) ME 430 Advance Energy Conversion Systems (aka ME 529)
ME 431 Advance Fluid Mechanics (aka ME 599) ME 442 Renewable Energy (aka ME 540)
ME 503 Continuum Mechanics ME 507 Fluid Mechanics
ME 515 Life Cycle Assessment ME 521 Thermodynamics I
ME 522 Thermodynamics II ME 524 Combustion
ME 530 Radiation Heat Transfer ME 531 Conduction Heat Transfer
ME 532 Convection Heat Transfer ME 534 Fluid Mechanics II
ME 543 Turbulence I ME 544 Turbulence II


Courses Outside UWME

Consider checking out Energy & Fluids courses in these other Colleges/Departments:

Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Civil/Environmental Engineering

College of the Environment

School for Public Affairs