SPHSC 563 -- Spring 2007
Instructional Development Forum
Microteaching Instructions
10:15 - 12:15  April 20th and 27th (Sieg 420)

We will be participating in a microteaching activity with CIDR on April 20th and 27th.  You will be teaching on a selected topic for an  introductory course in Speech and Hearing Sciences Course (similar to our SPHSC 250).  Consider that your students will be freshman or sophomores who have little or no knowledge of the discipline of communication sciences and disorders and/or the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology.  Plan on a 4 minute presentation that introduces your topic.  You may use overheads or the white board. Your assigned date and topic for participation in the microteaching is as follows: 

April 20th
Amy -- Child Language Disorders
Michelle -- Speech vs. Nonspeech
Mark -- Hearing Aids

April 27th
Evelyn -- Hearing
Jessica -- Middle Ear - Immittance
Katie -- Cochlear Implants

CIDR Guidelines and Worksheet (read and complete in preparation for your microteaching experience)

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