SPHSC 308 Social-Cultural Aspects of Communication

Assignments Winter 2010

Student Objectives
Major Lecture Topics
Assignments: Experiential Learning Activities and Written Assignments

This course has two types of assignments, which may vary from quarter to quarter. They include experiential learning activities and  written assignments. 

The experiential learning activities are designed to illustrate the course content, provide writing practice, and give students an opportunity to participate in class discussions. Some of these learning activities will require that students bring notes/paper to class to discuss. Others will be built around problems posed in class. These activities  are presented on this Web site via the link below.  This link leads to a page that describes all of the experiential learning activities.  Exact dates for these activities are listed on the syllabus.  

The written assignments this term consist of two papers with opportunities to prepare a draft for feedback and make revisions on one of the papers. These papers are designed to assist students in learning the course material and in developing professional writing skills. Writing assignments are described in detail via the links below.  For each writing assignment, a grading form has been created  to assist students with their understanding of the assignment and distribution of points. These grading forms are accessed via the descriptions. Points for papers are based on a writing rubric that provides grading criteria; this rubric applies to all written assignments and is accessible via the link below - General Grading Criteria.  Also available via the link below is information concerning how students may rewrite their system's paper after initial grading.  These instructions must be followed when submitting revisions.  Due dates for writing assignments are presented in the syllabus as well as in the descriptions.

 Assignments for the Quarter - Winter 2010

     Experiential Learning Activities: (Remember some activities require "before class" work.)
       Writing Assignments:  (links to grading forms for each assignment are found via the descriptions)
bulletCulture Writing Assignment Description

General Information for All Writing Assignments:

General Grading Criteria 

bulletInstructions for Revising Writing Assignments