SPHSC 308 Social Cultural Aspects of Communication

Writing Revisions Winter 2010

Instructions for Revising Papers


  1. Give you experience with revision as part of the writing process
  2. Help you use the feedback offered
  3. Provide you an assignment different from those to date
  4. Meet the letter and spirit of the W course
  5. Assist you with specific skills


  1. Review your paper to see changes made, places marked for improvement, and summary comments
  2. Revise your paper by going through in multiple ways:
    1. Paragraph by paragraph (for organization and coherence)
    2. Line by line (for sentence-level grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary)
    3. Paper as a whole (for statement of theme, focus, logic
  3. On your new version, highlight sentence-level changes with a yellow highlighter.  If you have rewritten an entire paragraph or reorganized a paragraph, bracket the paragraph with a highlighter but do not highlight the entire paragraph.
  4. Summary of corrections.  Choose between 5 and 10 different writing changes. 
    1. Number them on your paper by hand, above the highlighting. 
    2. On a separate sheet, write the number, the revision, and the reason for the correction

                                                Ex.:  original:  it's -- revised:  itsReason:  "it's" is the contraction of it is; I meant to use a possessive

Ex.:  original:  effect -- revised:  affect Reason:  effect - Noun - means change as a result of an act or action; affect - Verb - means make a difference to. 

NOTE:   you may need to make a change more than once on your paper (for   example, you may fix "it's" five times), but please show that change only once on the summary of corrections

  1. You may also add or alter content to improve your paper.  Highlight these sections with brackets and write the words "new content" in the margin.
  2. Staple each paper separately.  Submit your first version (plus grade sheet) and your revised version.  Place use your file folder so that both papers stay together.
  3. You will be graded on this revision based on the following:
    1. Did you follow directions?
    2. Did you make appropriate changes?
    3. Did you demonstrate effort in the revision process (as seen by number and variety of appropriate changes and precision of comments about changes; also contributing to effort will be whether you attempted to make revisions individually or whether you made only those changes written in by the instructor)
    4. Did you produce a second version that was improved?

Note:  You may earn up to ½ the points that were deducted on the original version.

If your first version was well written, you may have fewer grammatical or punctuation errors to change. You may work on condensing your paper.  Everyone can condense and thereby improve papers!