Vol. 5: Abstracts from the 2008 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Applications of Methodologies to New Domains

Table of Contents

How Bad Is It? Using Biosurveillance Data to Monitor the Severity of Seasonal Flu
Atar Baer, Jeff Duchin
Monitoring Staphylococcus Infection Trends with Biosurveillance Data
Atar Baer, Jeff Duchin
Clostridium Difficile, Surveillance Using Laboratory Data from BioSense Hospitals
Benoit R. Stephen, Roseanne English, Jerome I. Tokars
Surveillance for Health Effects Secondary to an Expected Rise in Air Pollution
Pamela A. Berenbaum, Lori Cragin, Austin Sumner
An Empirical Study of the Effect of Sentinel Sample Size in Syndromic Surveillance Using a Space-Time Permutation Method
Richard Brand, Jie Huang, Ken Kleinman, Richard Platt, John Hsu
Improvement in Performance of Ngram Classifiers with Frequent Updates
Phillip Brown, Sylvia Halasz, Colin Goodall, Dennis Cochrane, John R. Allegra
Evaluation of Alerting Sparse-Data Streams of Population Healthcare-Seeking Data
Howard Burkom, Yevgeniy Elbert
Monitoring Spatial Patterns of Adverse Drug Events and Morbidity in New York City Using Syndromic Data Streams
Alejandro Cajigal, Deliah Heller, Denise Paone, Kevin Konty
Does Climate Predict the Timing of Peak Influenza Activity in the United States?
Katia M.L. Charland, David L. Buckeridge, Jessica L. Sturtevant, Forrest Melton, John S. Brownstein
21st Century Health Care Demands New Models for Population Health Data Aggregation and Sharing: A Federated Approach
Jill Cooper, Carol Diamond, Farzad Mostashari, Clay Shirky
Extensibility in Semantic Web Description of Syndromic Surveillance Systems
Bradley D. Chruszcz, Deborah A. Stacey
Evaluation of a Syndromic Surveillance System Based on General Practitioner's Data, SOS Medecins Bordeaux
Elise Daudens, Gaelle Gault, Laurent Filleul
A Comprehensive Approach to the Assessment of Surveillance Strategies: the Case of Scrapie in Great Britain
Victor Del Rio Vilas, Colin Birch, Alberto Vidal-Diez, Simon Gubbins, Marie McIntyre, Javier Guitian, Neil Nixon, Kim Stevens, Darren Green, Rowland Kao
A Novel Application of Syndromic Methods of Monitor Temporal Changes in the Specificity of an Oral HIV Test
Joseph R. Egger, Kevin Konty, Jessica Borrelli, Julia Cummiskey, Susan Blank
Biosurveillance: A Definition, Scope and Description of Current Capability for a National Strategy
Aaron T. Fleischauer, Pamela S. Diaz, Daniel M. Sosin
Canine Tick Diagnoses are a Sentinel for Tick-borne Diseases in People
Larry Glickman, Sara Rhea, Seth Glickman, Anna Walker, Amy Ising, Jeff Engel
Antiviral Prescription Data to Enhance Influenza Surveillance
Craig Hales, Roseanne English, Jerome Tokars
Expanding a Gazetteer-based Approach for Geo-Parsing Text from Media Reports on Global Disease Outbreaks
Mikaela Keller, Clark C. Freifeld, John S. Brownstein
Syndromic Surveillance Reporting via CDC's Public Health Information Grid
Michael Klompas, Richard Platt, Ross Lazarus
(Syndromic) Surveillance of Birthweight, Gestation, and Infant Mortality
Kevin Konty, Katherine Bartley, Martin Kulldorff
Beyond Traditional Surveillance: Applying Syndromic Surveillance to Developing Settings- Opportunities and Challenges
Larissa May, JP Chretien, Julie Pavlin
Representativeness of Emergency Department Data Reported to the BioSense System
Patrick Minor, Roseanne English, Roseanne English, Jerome Tokars, Jerome Tokars
Using Emergency Department Disposition Data to Monitor Hospitalizations for Influenza-like Illness
Erin L. Murray
Substance Abuse Among Young in Miami-Dade County, 2005-2007
Erin O'Connell, Guoyan Zhang, Anthoni Llau
Review of the ISDS Distributed Surveillance Taskforce for Real-time Influenza Burden Tracking & Evaluation (DiSTRIBuTE) Project 2007/08 Influenza Season Proof-of-concept Phase
Donald R. Olson, Marc Paladini, James W. Buehler, Farzad Mostashari
Detecting Outbreaks and Other Clusters in Reportable Disease Data
Shannon L. Page, Richard M. Thomas, Brian E. Fowler, Lynn K. Giljahn
Syndromic Surveillance of Gastroenteritis Using Medication Sales in France
Camille Pelat, Clement Turbelin, Pierre-Yves Boelle, Bruno Lambert, Alain-Jacques Valleron
Automated Monitoring of Exposures Using the BioSense System
Keydra Phillips, Gabriel Rainisch, Jerome Tokars
North Texas School Health Surveillance: First-Year Progress and Next Steps
Tabatha Powell, Dean Lampman, Bill Stephens, Dave Heinbaugh
Indications and Warning of Pandemic Influenza Compared to Seasonal Influenza
Aimee R. Reilly, Emily A. Iarocci, Carrianne M. Jung, David M. Hartley, Noele P. Nelson
Geographical Analysis of Heat-Related Illnesses Detected by RODS in Houston, Texas
Patricia Sinawe, Riju Stephen, Mary Carvalho, Adebowale Awoksika-Olumo
Full Automatic Syndromic Surveillance System Using Prescription in Japan
Tamie Sugawara, Kouji Kimura, Yasushi Ohkusa, Kiyosu Taniguchi, Nobuhiko Okabe
Monitoring Hospital Emergency Department Visits for Chief Complaints of Insect Bites after a Major Flood
Richard M. Thomas, Brian E. Fowler
Infection Watch Live- A Real-time, Geospatial Mapping Tool of Hospital Triage Data for Public Consumption
Adam van Dijk, Matt McPherson, Chris Sambol, Kieran Moore
Bayesian Hierarchical Models for the Evaluation and Design of Surveillance
Alberto Vidal-Diez, Victor del Rio Vilas, Mark Arnold
What Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Stay in Vegas: Traveling Waves of Influenza in the U.S. Elderly Population, 1991-1994
Julia B. Wenger, Elena N. Naumova
Seasonal Patterns of Respiratory Diseases: a Proxy for Influenza?
Julia B. Wenger, Elena N. Naumova
Amplification of Syndromic Surveillance's Role in Miami-Dade County
Guoyan Zhang, Erin O'Connell, Lizbeth Londono, Fermin Leguen

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