Vol. 5: Abstracts from the 2008 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Improving Public Health Investigation and Response

Table of Contents

Evaluation of Body Temperature to Classify Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) in a Syndromic Surveillance System
Martin J. Atherton, David C. Pattie, David J. Savory, Gale E. Savage, Kenneth L. Cox
Utility of Syndromic Surveillance for Investigating Morbidity Resulting from a Severe Weather Event
Atar Baer, Yevgeniy Elbert, Howard Burkom, Rekha Holtry, Jeff Duchin
A Multijurisdictional Investigation of Resistant Highly Infectious TB in Asian Immigrants
Donald Brannen, Amy Schmitt, Steven D. Burdette, Mark McDonnell
Early Identification of Salmonella Cases Using Syndromic Surveillance
Heather Brown, Al Romanosky, Sadia Aslam, Alvina Chu, David Blythe
Assessing and Optimizing the Accuracy of Physician Billing Claims for Use in Automated Syndromic Surveillance
Geneviève Cadieux, Robyn Tamblyn, David Buckeridge
Monitoring Dynamic Tempo-Spatial Changes of Influenza-Like Illness During 2005-2007 through Sentinal-Physician Surveillance in Taiwan Using Ring Maps
Ta-Chien Chan, Chwan-Chuen King
Online Dissemination of National Influenza Surveillance Data
Calvin KY Cheng, Eric HY Lau, Lai Ming Ho, Gabriel M Leung, Benjamin J. Cowling
Graduate-Level Syndromic Surveillance Course, An International Society for Disease Surveillance Project
Debjani Das, Larissa May, Julie Pavlin
Stakeholder Perspectives of Biosurveillance: a Qualitative Analysis
Arthur Davidson, Anna Orlova, Trish Perl
Approaches to Prediction Models for Poison Control Center-Based Syndromic Surveillance for Foodborne Illness
Mary Derby, Lisa Hulette, Jude McNally, Jefferey Burgess, James Ranger-Moore
Identifying Clusters of Falls During the 2007-08 Winter Season in the BioSense System
Achintya N. Dey, Peter Hicks, Jerome I. Tokars
Using AFDL Algorithm to Estimate Risk of Positive Outcomes of Microbial Tests at Food Establishments
Artur Dubrawski, Lujie Chen, John Ostlund
Real Time Syndromic Surveillance Response to UK Flooding Incident 2007
Alex J. Elliot, Duncan L. Cooper, Paul Loveridge, Sally Harcourt, Sue Smith, Martyn Regan, Isabel Oliver, Sue Ibbotson, Gillian E. Smith
Open Source Development of Syndromic Investigation Decision Support Tools
Tim Gallagher
A Temporal Method for Outbreak Detection Using a Bayesian Network
Xia Jiang Jiang, Gregory F. Cooper
Syndromic Surveillance and Climate Change, a Possible Use?
Loïc Josseran, Anne Fouillet, Nadège Caillère, Mathilde Pascal, Danièle Ilèf, Pascal Astagneau
Impact of Health Education and Treatment Interventions on Urinary Schistosomiasis in School Children
F H.L. Kamaga, A L. Njunda, N J.C. Assob, P Nde Fon, G Nkwelang, Atanga Bi Suh, C M. Sab
International System for Total Early Disease Detection (InSTEDD) Platform
Taha A. Kass-Hout, Nicolas di Tada
Integrated Syndromic and Virologic Surveillance Systems from Taiwan's Experiences in Facing Global Challenges of Emerging Infectious Diseases
Chwan-Chuen King, Tsung-Shu Joseph Wu, Muh-Yung Yen, Chao-Sheng Huang, Jin-Yi Hsiao, Chuan-Liang Kao, Ta-Chien Chan, Shiau-Tien Ma, Chin-Yi Chen, Shu-Fang Chuang, Wen-Wen Wang, Pei-Lin Lin, Chien-Tsai Liu, Chung-Ming Liu
Use of Syndromic Surveillance of Emergency Room Chief Complaints for Enhanced Situational Awareness during Wildfires, Florida, 2008
Aaron Kite-Powell, Lauren B. Ball, Richard S. Hopkins
Burns Reported to the BioSense System During the Independence Day Holiday
William E. Lei, Stephen Benoit, Gabriel Rainisch, Jerome Tokars
Predicting Probabilities of Flu Vaccination and Commuting Methods Having Elevated Flu Transmission Probabilities in New York City
Burton Levine, Timothy C. Wilcosky, Diane Wagener, Bonnie Kerker, Farzad Mostashari, Philip Cooley
Using NC DETECT Summary Reports to Share Syndromic Information
Meichun Li, Amy Ising, Lana Deyneka, Dennis Falls, Anna Waller
Utilizing Emergency Department Data to Evaluate Primary Care Clinic Hours
Jutieh Lincoln, Kevin Stevens, Shandy Dearth, Joseph Gibson, Millicent Fleming-Moran
A Visual Analytics Toolkit for Evaluating Potential Syndromic Outbreaks
Ross Maciejewski, Stephen Rudolph, Shaun J. Grannis, David S. Ebert
Case Studies in the Use of the National Poison Data System (NPDS)
Colleen A. Martin, Amy Wolkin, Alvin C. Bronstein
Focusing Routine Surveillance Activities for Lyme Disease: Investigation of Exposures in Confirmed Cases of Early Lyme Disease
Sara McKelvey, Kelly Russo, Katherine Farrell
Advantages and Limitations of Real Time Surveillance for the French Armed Forces during Operations
Jean-Baptiste Meynard, Gaetan Texier, Herve Chaudet, Bruce Dupuy, Xavier Deparis, René Migliani, André Spiegel, Jean-Paul Boutin
Automated Monitoring of Asthma Using the BioSense System
Sule Mohammed, Keydra Phillips, Gabriel Rainisch, Patrick Minor, Jerome Tokars
Evaluation of ILI Data Use to Augment Traditional Influenza Surveillance
A Musumba, M Feist, L Kubischta, T Miller, J Goplin
Infectious Disease Surveillance In Peruvian Navy Ships
Joan Neyra, Roger Araujo, Giselle Soto, José Quispe, Joel Montgomery, Miguel Fernández, Víctor Vallejos, David Blazes
Innovative Uses for ESSENCE to Improve Standard Communicable Disease Reporting Practices in Miami-Dade County
Erin O'Connell, Guoyan Zhang, Anthoni Llau, Fermin Leguen
Syndromic Surveillance System for the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit Meeting 2008
Yasushi Ohkusa, Tamie Sugawara, Hiroaki Sugiura, Kiyosu Taniguchi, Tomoaki Imamura, Nobuhiko Okabe
Infection Control Practitioner Use of NC DETECT
Michael Park, Amy Ising, Lana Deyneka, Anna Waller
Use of the Connecticut Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance System for Situational Awareness During Public Health Events
Katherine M. Purviance, Alan J. Siniscalchi, James L. Hadler
Variation in Visits Classified by GI ICD9 Biosurveillance Sub-Filters as a Function of Age
Lisa Reedman, Dennis G. Cochrane, John R. Allegra
Comparison of Parallel and Consensus Monitoring Approaches for Multistream Influenza Monitoring in Ontario
Elizabeth Rolland, Punam Mangtani, Ben Armstrong, Kieran Moore
Preferences and Perceptions of Biosurveillance System Users - Results from a Recent Survey
Loren E. Shaffer, Chad C. Brown
Health Effects of LA county Wildfires in October 2007
Akbar Sharip, Emily Kajita, Megan Jones, Bessie Hwang
Following the Signal: Use of Social Networking Systems, Hot Lines and Other Techniques for Anthrax and Rash Illness Risk Communication in Connecticut
Alan J. Siniscalchi, Maria T. Andrews, Lynn E. Sosa, Alice Y. Guh, Katherine M. Purviance, Brenda L. Esponda, Patricia A. Mshar, Matthew L. Carter, James L. Hadler
Framework for the Development of Response Protocols for Public Health Syndromic Surveillance Systems
Lori Uscher-Pines, Corey Farrell, Jacqueline Cattani, Yu-Hsiang Hsieh, Michael D. Moskal, Steven M. Babin, Charlotte A. Gaydos, Richard E. Rothman
A Survey of Usage and Response Protocols of Syndromic Surveillance Systems by State Public Health Departments in the United States
Lori Uscher-Pines, Corey Farrell, Jacqueline Cattani, Yu-Hsiang Hsieh, Michael D. Moskal, Steven M. Babin, Charlotte A. Gaydos, Richard E. Rothman
Syndromic Surveillance with Death Data: a Pilot Study in the Netherlands
Liselotte van Asten, Cees van den Wijngaard, Carel Harmsen, Frederika Dijkstra, Wilfrid van Pelt, Wim van der Hoek, Marianne van der Sande, Marion Koopmans
Self-Evaluation of an Electronic Disease Surveillance System Implemented in the Peruvian Army: Alerta JESAL
Delphis M. Vera, Ricardo Hora, Joan Neyra, Yaneth Alvarez, Rollin Cruz, Carlos Leturia, Aldo Clavo, Joel M. Montgomery, David L. Blazes
The Utility of Space-Time Surveillance for Tuberculosis
Aman D. Verma, David L. Buckeridge, Kevin Schwartzman, Marcel Behr, Alice Zwerling, Sherry Olson, Robert Allard
A Comparison of Electronic Emergency Department Visits and Data Collected Manually During a Field Exercise
Elisha L. Wilson, Erin L. Murray, Lucretia Jones, Marc Paladini, Trang Q. Nguyen
A County Health Department's Analysis and Dissemination Algorithm of a Neruological Syndrome Aberration to Respective Community Stakeholders
Sarah K. Winn, Theresa Isaac, Robert G. Harmon
Mining Pattern Model of Influenza Surveillance
Tippa Wongstitwilairoong, Jariyanart Gaywee, Narongrid Sirisophana, Carl J. Mason, Julie A. Pavlin
Using ESSENCE to Track a Gastrointestinal Outbreak in a Homeless Shelter in Miami-Dade County, 2008
Guoyan Zhang, Anthoni Llau, Juan Suarez, Erin O'Connell, Edhelene Rico, Rene Borroto-Ponce, Fermin Leguen
Planning & Development of a Regional Integrated Disease Surveillance System
Xiaohui Zhang, Yongsheng Wu

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