Vol. 5: Abstracts from the 2008 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Surveillance Innovations

Table of Contents

Comparison of Influenza-like Illness Syndrome Classification Between Two Syndromic Surveillance Systems
Taj Azarian, S Zaheer, S Winn, A Kite-Powell
Surveillance in the Cloud: A New Platform for Disease Search and Situational Awareness
David W Bauer, Mojdeh Mohtashemi
Discrete Data from Electronic Medical Records - Next Generation Data Sets for Syndromic Surveillance
Marc A Bellazzini, James E Svenson
Fever as a Measure for Early Detection of Influenza Outbreaks in the Emergency Department
Marc A Bellazzini, Ronald E Gangnon, James E Svenson
Socio-Demographic and Temporal Patterns of Emergency Department Patients Who Do Not Reside in Miami-Dade County, 2007
Rene Borroto, Guoyan Zhang
Web-Based Spatio-Temporal Display of NC DETECT Surveillance Data
Shel Brannan, Noah Evens, Clifton Barnett, Lana Deyneka Deyneka, Amy Ising, Bill Wheaton, Jay Rineer
INDICATOR: A Cyberenvironment for Biosurveillance and Response
Ian S Brooks, Wendy Edwards
Ontology of a Cyberenvironment for Malaria Surveillance
Ian Brooks, Arkalgud Ramaprasad
Support Vector Machines for Syndromic Surveillance
Anna L Buczak, Linda J Moniz, Joseph Lombardo
Timeliness of Ambulatory Data for Age-Specific ILI Surveillance
Emily H Chan, Robyn Tamblyn, David Buckeridge
Performance of Sub-Syndrome Chief Complaint Classifiers for the GI Syndrome
Hwa-Gan Chang, Jian-Hua Chen, Dennis G Cochrane, John R Allegra, Kathryn Schmit, Jerome I Tokars, Perry F Smith
Identifying Respiratory-Related Clinical Conditions from ED Reports with Topaz
Wendy W Chapman, David Chu, John Dowling, Henk Harkema
A Model and Archetype Based Interoperability Framework for Near Real-Time Surveillance Systems
H Chaudet, G Texier, JB Meynard, L Pellegrin, JP Boutin, X Deparis
Automatic and Secure Data Transfer of Syndromic Data between Hospitals and Public Health Using the PHINMS
Y Emily Cheng, Himal Dhotre, Debjani Das, Dan Drociuk
The Utility of Patient Chief Complaint and ICD 9 Classifiers for the Influenza Sub-Syndrome
Dennis G. Cochrane, John R. Allegra, Christopher McCarthy, Jeffrey Luk, Hwa-Gan Chang, Jian-Hua Chen
Accounting for Acceleration of Disease Rates with Age in Biosurveillance Systems: The SIMPLE Method
Steven A. Cohen, Elena N. N. Naumova
Assessing the Coverage of BioCaster Terms in Web News
Nigel Collier, Reiko Matsuda Goodwin, Ai Kawazoe, Son Doan
Automated Generation of Hypothesis of Processes Causing Clusters
Jamison Conley
Anomaly Pattern Detection for Biosurveillance
Kaustav Das, Jeff Schneider, Daniel B. Neill
Extending Comparisons Beyond Time and Space: Looking for Similarities Between Diseases
Victor del Rio Vilas, Sophie Ancelet, Juan J. Abellan, Colin Birch, Sylvia Richardson
Automated Surveillance To Detect An Influenza Epidemic: Which Respiratory Syndrome Should We Monitor?
Sylvain DeLisle, Fang Tian, Paul Sun, Brett R. South, Gary Smith, Holly Gaff, Matthew Samore, Trish M. Perl
Free-Text Processing To Enhance Detection Of Acute Respiratory Infections
Sylvain DeLisle, Brett R. South, Shobba Phansalkar, Trish M. Perl, Adi Gundlapalli, Matthew Samore
Using Biosurveillance Whole-System Facsimiles To Compare Aberrancy-Detection Methods: Should BioSense Use SatScan?
Sylvain DeLisle, Fang Tian, Hongzhang Zheng, Paul Sun, Brett R. South, Holly Gaff, Matthew Samore, Trish M. Perl
A Closer Look at Developing a Statewide Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance System in a Rural State
Himal Dhotre, Debjani Das, Emily Cheng, Dan Drociuk
Limb Elephantiasis as Predictor for the Occurrence and Spread of Lymphatic Filariasis in Kano State, Nigeria
M. M. Dogara, I. H. Nock, R. I.S. Agbede
GIS Mapping of Occupational Health Visit Data from a Southeastern Ontario Tertiary Care Hospital
Tara L. Donovan, Andrew Kurc, Chris Sambol, Jennifer Carpenter, Kieran M. Moore
Optimizing Simultaneously the Geometry and the Internal Cohesion of Clusters
Anderson R. Duarte, Luiz Duczmal, Sabino J. Ferreira, André L.F. Cancado
Geographically Meaningful Cluster Scanning Through Weak Link Correction
Luiz Duczmal, Sabino J. Ferreira, Anderson R. Duarte, Marcus V. Soares, Eliane D. Gontijo, André L.F. Cancado, Ricardo H.C. Takahashi
State Surveillance Data Improves a Clinical Prediction Model for Pertussis
Andrew M. Fine, Ben Y. Reis, Lise Nigrovic, Don Goldmann, Tracy LaPorte, Karen Olson, Kenneth Mandl
Comparison of the Performances of Statistical Methods to Detect Outbreaks
Anne Fouillet, Franck Golliot, Nadège Caillère, Claude Flamand, Claudine Kamali, Yann Le Strat, Lucie Leon, Laurence Mandereau-Bruno, Jérôme Pouey, Oliver Retel, Vérène Wagner
Enhancing Syndromic Surveillance through Cross-border Data Sharing
Brian E. Fowler, Michael E. Wade, Robert J. Campbell, Stephen J. DeFrancesco, Shaun J. Grannis, David A. Trepanier
Choice of Baseline Period for Limited Baseline Aberration Detection Methods
Ronald E. Gangnon, Marc A. Bellazzini
Cluster Detection Comparison in Syndromic Surveillance
C Goranson, K Takahashi, T Tango, A Cajigal, M Paladini, E L. Murray, T Nguyen, K Konty, F Hardisty
Using NLP on VA Electronic Medical Records to Facilitate Epidemiologic Case Investigations
Adi V. Gundlapalli, Brett R. South, Wendy W. Chapman, Shobha Phansalkar, Shuying Shen, Sylvain Delisle, Trish Perl, Matthew H. Samore
HWR at the Contest: A Holt-Winters-Based Method Applied to Simulated Outbreaks
Sylvia Halász Halász, Colin Goodall, Arnold Lent
The BioSense Influenza Module
Craig Hales, Roseanne English, Paul McMurray, Jerome Tokars
Interactive Detection of Spatial Clusters
Frank Hardisty, Jamison Conley
BioSense Participation by Non-Federal Hospitals
Peter Hicks, Alicia Edwards, Roseanne English, Jerome I. Tokars
Contact Tracing in Asymptomatic Diseases Under Elimination
Doracelly Hincapié-Palacio, Rubén Darío Gómez-A, Juan Ospina-G
Survey of Syndromic Surveillance Uses
Hillary Kleiner, Katherine Endress, Anthony Barbagallo
(Syndromic) Surveillance of Birthweight, Gestation, and Infant Mortality
Kevin Konty, Katherine Bartley, Aviva Schwarz, Martin Kulldorff
Use of Time Series Models for Multi-Stream Surveillance
Eric HY Lau, Benjamin J. Cowling, Lai Ming Ho, Gabriel M. Leung
in silico Surveillance: Using Detailed Computer Simulations to Develop and Evaluate Outbreak Detection
Bryan Lewis, Kate Wendelsdorf, Ken Kleinman
The Day-of-the-Week Effect: A Study Across the Indiana Public Health Emergency Surveillance System
Ross Maciejewski, Stephen Rudolph, Shaun J. Grannis, David S. Ebert
Learning Outbreak Regions for Bayesian Spatial Biosurveillance
Maxim Makatchev, Daniel B. Neill
Multi-Agency and Hospital, Syndromic Surveillance System in Montana
William C. Mohlenbrock, Raymond F. Rogers
Application of Nonlinear Data Analysis Methods to Locating Disease Clusters
Linda Moniz, William Peter
Fast and Flexible Outbreak Detection by Linear-Time Subset Scanning
Daniel B. Neill
Mixture Likelihood Ratio Scan Statistic for Disease Outbreak Detection
Jarad B. Niemi, Michael D. Porter, Brian J. Reich
A Comparison of Locally Developed Influenza-like Syndrome Definitions Using Electronic Emergency Department Data in Boston and New York City
Marc Paladinia, Justin Pendarvis, Erin L. Murray, Julia Gunn, Donald Olson
ESSENCE Version 2.0: The Department of Defense's Worldwide Syndromic Surveillance System Receives Several Enhancements
David C. Pattie, Martin J. Atherton, David J. Savory, Gale E. Savage, Kenneth L. Cox
In Search of a Controlled Vocabulary for Emergency Department Chief Complaint: A Comparison of Four Published Chief Complaint Lists
Trevor G. Phillips, Stephanie W. Haas, Judith E. Tintinalli, Debbie Travers, Anna Waller
Age Specific Correlations between Influenza Laboratory Data and Influenza-like Syndrome Definitions in Boston and New York City
Justin Pendarvis, Erin L. Murray, Marc Paladini, Julia Gunn, Donald R. Olson
Arizona's Integrated Influenza Surveillance for School Children
Yue Qiu, Laura Erhart
UPDATE: Bird Flu, the Media and Syndromic Surveillance, 2006-7
Cynthia F. Racer
Modeling Disease Surveillance and Assessing its Effectiveness for Detection of Acute Respiratory Outbreaks in Resource-Limited Settings
Liane Ramac-Thomas, Trudy Philip, Howard Burkom, Jacqueline Coberly, Sheri Happel Lewis, Jean-Paul Chretien
Evaluating the Validity of ED Visit Data for Biosurveillance
Aaron Ratcliffe, Clifton Barnett, Amy Ising, Anna Waller
The Utility of Biosurveillance for Public Health Practice: The Findings from Two Case Studies
Lucia Rojas Smith, Neely Kaydos Daniels, Tonya Farris, Clifton Barnett, Amy Ising
Natural Language Processing: Can it Help Detect Cases and Characterize Outbreaks?
Matthew H. Samore
Detection of Enteric Disease Epidemics Using a Diarrhea-specific Category
Loren E. Shaffer, Robert T. Rolfs, Rene M. Calanan
Pilot Evaluation of Syndrome-specific School Absenteeism Data for Public Health Surveillance
Shuying Shen, Nicole Stone, Brian Hatch, Robert Rolfs, Brett South, Adi Gundlapalli, Catherine Staes, Matthew Samore
Utility of ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes for Public Health Surveillance
Emily E. Sickbert-Bennett, Tammy Bischoff, William Cleve, Rachel Long
Using School Sentinel Sites for the Early Detection of Influenza
Ximena Somoza, Anamika Pandya, Christy Vogt
Identifying Contextual Features to Improve the Performance of an Influenza-Like Illness Text Classifier
Brett R. South, Shuying Shen MStat, Sylvain Delisle, Trish Perl, Matthew H. Samore, Adi V. Gundlapalli, Wendy W. Chapman
Detection of Shigella Outbreaks in Argentina Using WHONET and SaTScan
John Stelling, Katherine Yih, Marcelo Galas, Martin Kulldorff, Mariana Pichel, Raquel Terragno, Ezequiel Tuduri, Salomé Espetxe, Norma Binsztein, Thomas F. O'Brien, Richard Platt
Mental Health Emergency Department Visits in Houston: Developing a Post-Disaster Mental Health Surveillance System
Allison Stewart, Mary Carvalho, Debo Awosika-Olumo
A Comparison of SaTScan and FleXScan for Outbreak Detection and Monitoring
Kunihiko Takahashi, Toshiro Tango
A New Space-Time Scan Statistic for Timely Outbreak Detection Taking Overdispersion Into Account
Toshiro Tango, Kunihiko Takahashi
Using UMLS Semantic Network to Identify Search Terms for Biosurveillance
Debbie Travers, Matthew Scholer, John Crouch, Scott Wetterhall
Syndromic Surveillance for Localized Outbreaks of Lower-Respiratory Infections: Does it Work?
Cees van den Wijngaard, Liselotte van Asten, Wilfrid van Pelt, Gerda Doornbos, Nico J.D. Nagelkerke, Wim van de Hoek, Hans van Vliet, Marion P.G. Koopmans
Application of Natural Language Parsers To Syndromic Surveillance
Michael J. Waddell, César R. Meraz, Julio C. Silva, Dino P. Rumoro
Comparison of Regression Models with Modified Time Series Methods for BioSurveillance
Jian Xing, Howard Burkom, Jerome Tokars
Estimation And Validation of An Outbreak Simulator
Min Zhang, Xiaohui Kong, Garrick L. Wallstrom

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