Vol. 4: Abstracts from the 2007 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Evaluation and Performance

Table of Contents

BioDefend Syndromic Surveillance System Influenza Activity Detection
T. Azarian, S. Zaheer, S. Winn, L. Rios
Performance of a Syndromic Surveillance System for Detecting Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Following a Severe Windstorm
Atar Baer, Jeff Duchin
Classification of Emergency Department Syndromic Data for Seasonal Influenza Surveillance
Atar Baer, Jacqueline Coberly, Lang Hung, Howard Burkom, Wayne Loschen, Joseph Lombardo, Jeff Duchin
The Association Between Temperature and 911 Calls for Heat-Related Illness: Potential for Syndromic Surveillance
Kate Bassil, Donald C. Cole, Rahim Moineddin, Wendy Lou, Elizabeth Rea
Benchmark Data Generation from Discrete Event Contact Network Models
Emmet Beeker, David W. Bauer, Mojdeh Mohtashemi
Emergency Department Visits for Influenza-Like Illness and Over the Counter Sales of Flu Remedies in the National Capitol Region, 2003-2007
Heather Brown, Karen Kistner, Ivan Zapata, Al Romanosky
Preliminary Findings from the BioSense Evaluation Project
James W. Buehler, Alexander P. Isakov, Michael J. Prietula, Donna J. Smith, Ellen A. Whitney
The Tradeoffs Driving Policy and Research Decisions in Biosurveillance
Howard Burkom, Jacqueline Coberly, Wayne Loschen, Zaruhi Mnatsakanyan, Sheryl Happel Lewis, Joseph Lombardo
Effect of Work-related Mobility in the Simulation of Aerosol Anthrax Releases with BARD
Aurel Cami, Garrick L. Wallstrom, William R. Hogan
A Pilot Study of Aberration Detection Algorithms with Simulated Data
Haw-Gan Chang, Jian-Hua Chen, Dennis G. Cochrane, John R. Allegra, Howard Burkom, Jerome I. Tokars, Perry F. Smith
Detecting Web Rumours with a Multilingual Ontology-Supported Text Classification System
Nigel Collier, Ai Kawazoe, Son Doan, Mika Shigematsu, Kiyosu Taniguchi, Lihua Jin, John McCrae, Hutchatai Chanlekha, Dinh Dien, Quoc Hung, Van Chi Nam, Koichi Takeuchi, Asanee Kawtrakul
Comparing the Utility of Ambulatory Care and Emergency Room Data for Disease Outbreak Detection
Marcelo A. Costa, Martin Kulldorff, Ken Kleinman, W. Katherine Yih, Richard Platt, Richard Brand, John Hsu
Evaluating the Active Surveillance of Scrapie in the EU
Victor J. Del Rio Vilas, Dankmar Bohning, Ronny Kuhnert
Using the Electronic Medical Record to Reduce both the Delay and the Workload Required to Detect and Influenza Epidemic
Sylvain DeLisle, Zhilian Ma, Brett South, Gary Smith, Shawn Loftus, Matthew Samore, Trish M. Perl
Tuberculosis Surveillance, Republics of Armenia and Georgia, 2003-2004
Daniel C. Ehlman, Vladimir Davidiants, Nino Mdivani, Lyudmila Niazyan, Marina Janjgava, Gayane Sahakyan, Thea Jibuti, Scott J.N. McNabb
Employment and Commuting Data for the Simulation of Pandemics
Moshe Feder
Survey of Pre-Clinical Behavior- What Do People Do When They Get Sick?
Shilpa Hakre, William D. Porter, Julie A. Pavlin
Performance of an Adaptive Anomaly Detection Algorithm for a Low Incidence Syndrome Before and After a Major Outbreak
Sylvia Halasz, Colin R. Goodall, John Allegra, Dennis Cochrane
Evaluation of the Surveillance System 2SE FAG Using a CDC Recommended Framework
Henry L. Jefferson, Herve Chaudet, Gaetan Texier, Andrew D. Green, Bruce Dupuy, Jean-Paul Boutin, Jean-Baptiste Meynard
Performances of a Syndromic Surveillance System during a Heat Wave
Loic Josseran, Nadege Caillere, Dominique Brun-Ney, Laurent Filleul, Laure Beaujouan, Daniele Ilef, Pascal Astagneau
Navy Disease Reporting System Case Validation through Use of HL7 and SADR/SIDR Databases: Chlamydia Trachomatis
Gosin Kubiak, Wendi Bowman, Christopher Rennix
Identifying and Modeling Spatial Patterns of Heat-Related Illness in New York City
Jinsong Lu, Kristina Metzger, Alejandro Cajigal, Kevin Konty, Thomas Matte
Syndromic Surveillance for Influenza in Washington State: A Local and Regional Perspective
Nicola Marsden-Haug, Atar Baer, Hilary Metcalf, Nigel Turner, Phyllis Shoemaker, Jeff Duchin
Proposal of a Framework for Evaluating Military Surveillance Systems for Early Detection of Outbreaks on Duty Areas
Jean-Baptiste Meynard, Herve Chaudet, Henry L. Jefferson, Andrew D. Green, Gaetan Texier, Daniel Webber, Bruce Dupuy, Jean-Paul Boutin
Early Detection of Tuberculosis Outbreaks among the San Francisco Homeless
Mojdeh Mohtashemi, Brandon Higgs, Jennifer Grinsdale, Masae Kawamura
An Empirical Comparison of Spatial Scan Statistics for Outbreak Detection
Daniel B. Neill
Diagnosis Coding Anomalies Resulting in Hemorrhagic Illness Alerts in Veterans Health Administration Outpatient Clinics
G. Oda, L. Hung, J. Lombardo, R. Wojcik, J. Coberly, C. Sniegoski, M. Holodniy
Combining Laboratory Test Orders and Outpatient Visits to Monitor Respiratory Illness
Cara H. Olsen, Julie A. Pavlin
Seasonal Patterns of Gastrointestinal Illness
Karen L. Olson, Kenneth D. Mandl
Analysis of Syndrome Definitions for Gastrointestinal Illness with ICD9 Codes for Gastroenteritis during the 2006-07 Norovirus Season in Boston
Justin Pendarvis, Roque Miramontes, Jeff Schlegelmilch, Aaron T. Fleischauer, Julia Gunn, Lori Hutwagner, M. Anita Barry
Student Rotation in a Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a Potential Surveillance Confounder
Loren Shaffer, Julie Funk, Paivi Rajala-Schultz, Michael Wagner, Thomas Wittum, William Saville
Evaluation of the Michigan Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance System
Katherine D. Sheline
Learning Stable Multivariate Baseline Models for Outbreak Detection
Sajid M. Siddiqi, Byron Boots, Geoffrey J. Gordon, Artur W. Dubrawski
Characterization of Patients with Clinical Features Consistent with Inhalational Anthrax in an Emergency Department Population
Nicholas D. Soulakis, Lee H. Harrison
Correlation between Alerts Generated from Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data Sources and Traditional Data Sources
Michael W. Thompson
Syndromic Surveillance with Death Data: Is Crude Mortality Data Suitable for Real Time Surveillance?
Liselotte van Asten, Cees van den Wijngaard, Carel Harmsen, Rianne van Gageldonk, Wilfrid van Pelt, Hans van Vliet, Marianne van der Sande, Marion Koopmans
Enhanced Surveillance Improved Timeliness and Sensitivity at the FIFA 2006 World Cup in Germany
C. J. Williams, D. Altmann, K. Schenkel
Simulation of Correlated Outbreak Signals for Early Aberration Reporting
Jan Xing, Lori Hutwagner, Henry Rolka
Comparison of 2005-2007 Influenza-Like Illness Observed from Emergency Department Visits in Miami-Dade County
Guoyan Zhang, Erin O'Connell, Maria Bustamante, Diana Rodriguez, Rene Borroto-Ponce, Fermin Leguen

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