Vol. 4: Abstracts from the 2007 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Public Health Practice

Table of Contents

Using Syndromic Data to Investigate Gastrointestinal Illness Associated with Water Quality Complaints in Houston
Olushola Adeleye, Mary Carvalho, Melissa Halm, Anthony Ehofonie, Arnulfo C. Rosario Jr., Debo Awosika-Olumo
BioSense Real-Time Data Initiative: Improving Emergency Preparedness- Monitoring Injury Sub-Syndromes
Nelson Arboleda, Jerome Tokars, Roseanne English, Paul McMurray
Active Fever Surveillance During Malaria Outbreak in Western Jamaica
Maung Aung
Syndromic Surveillance in Major Sporting Event- Jamaican Experience
Maung Aung
Relationship between Emergency Room (ER) Syndromic Surveillance Data and Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) Surveillance in Houston, Texas
Debo Awosika-Olumo, Osaro Mgbere, Salma Khuwaja, Olushola Adeleye, Raouf Arafat
Mutual Benefits in Partnerships between Hospital-based and Public Health Department Syndromic Surveillance Systems in Outbreak Detection and Investigation
Sue Boeker, Daniel Drociuk, Shirley Jankelevich, William Kelly, Connie Steed
Blood Glucose Levels as an Indicator for the Early Detection of Infections in Type-1 Diabetics
T. Botsis, O. Hejlesen, J. G. Bellika, G. Hartvigsen
Disease Surveillance Systems for Sensitive Population Groups
T. Botsis, J. G. Bellika, G. Hartvigsen
Use of Surveillance Data to Measure the Impact of Viral Infections among Young Children
Florence T. Bourgeois, Clarissa Valim, Kenneth D. Mandl
Partnering for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: the Georgia Syndromic Surveillance Program and the Georgia Power Company
Wendy Cameron, Robert Finton, Robert Harshman, Gerald Richerson, Karl Soetebier, Susan T. Cookson
A Model-Based Architecture for Supporting Situational Diagnosis in Real-Time Surveillance Systems
H. Chaudet, L. Pellegrin, C. Gaudin, G. Texier, B. Queyriaux, J. B. Meynard, J. P. Boutin
Detection of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Chief Complaint Data
J. H. Chen, K. Schmit, H. G. Chang, J. R. Miller
Can Syndromic Surveillance Data be Useful for Monitoring Respiratory Illness Activity?
Alvina Chu, Heather Brown, David Blythe, Al Romanosky
Using Syndromic Surveillance Data for Enhanced Case-Capture of Conditions of Public Health Interest
Brit H. Colanter, Jeffrey M. Johnson, Azarnoush Maroufi, Michele M. Ginsberg, Jennifer A. Nelson
Mapping Bioterrorism Agents Research Literature
Yan Dang, Nichalin Suakkaphong, Yulei Zhang, Roopali Wakhare, Hsinchun Chen, Cathy Larson
Detection of a Vaccine-preventable Reportable Disease: Comparison of Physician Reporting vs. an Electronic Syndromic Surveillance System
Arthur Davidson, Connie Savor Price, Catherine McKenna, Sylvain DeLisle, Xioayan Song, Trish Perl
Increasing the Return-on-Investment from Syndromic Surveillance: Putting the Systems to Work for Routine Local Health Department Activities
Shandy Dearth, Jospeh Gibson
Identifying Fractures in BioSense Radiology Reports
Achintya N. Dey, Haobo Ma, Armen Asatryan, Roseanne English, Jerome Tokars
Cross Border Syndromic Surveillance- Overview and Recommendations from an ISDS Consultation Held in Kingston, Ontario Canada, June 11-12th, 2007
Bronwen L. Edgar, Tara Donovan, Adam van Dijk, Kieran M. Moore
Enhancing Public Health Surveillance by Using Multiple Data Sources for Syndromic Surveillance: The Alberta Real Time Syndromic Surveillance Net
Shihe Fan, Angela Brown, Lance Honish, Trina Hughes, Joy Jaipaul, Laura Mashinter, David Meurer, Corrine Blair, Vanessa Nardelli, Laurette Phimester, Bryan Wicentowich, James Talbot
Event Detection in a Vulnerable Population
Robert J. Finton, Priti Kolhe, Steven R. Katkowski, Wendy Camerson, Erin L. Murray
Implementation of a Syndromic Surveillance System Using a General Practitioner's House Calls Network
C. Flamand, S. Larrieu, F. Couvy, B. Jouves, L. Josseran, L. Filleul
Health Impact of the 2006 Heat Wave Based on Syndromic Surveillance in Gironde, France
G. Gault, S. Larrieu, C. Flamand, L. Filleul
Norovirus Outbreak Detected by Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance using RedBat
Alicia C. Guerrero, Trudi Shim, Sandra Kemple, Nancy D. Walea, Frances Viera, Patti Grota, Jean M. Przykucki, Pranavi Sreeramoju
Using Electronic Surveillance Systems in Resource-Poor Settings: Why and How
Sheryl Happel Lewis, Jacqueline Coberly, Richard Wojcik, Raj Ashar, Jean-Paul Chretien
Situational Awareness Using Web-based Annotation and Custom Reporting
Amy Ising, Meichun Li, Lana Deyneka, Clifton Barnett, Matthew Scholer, Anna Waller
What do GPs Want in Return from a Syndromic Surveillance System?
Monika A. Johansen, Gudleif Aronsen, Gunnar Hartvigsen, Johan G. Bellika
Syndromic Surveillance and Heat Wave: Is it Working?
Loic Josseran, Nadege Caillere, Dominique Brun-Ney, Jean Rottner, Daniele Ilef, Pasacal Astagneau
Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance and Population-Based Health Monitoring in Los Angeles County
Emily Kajita, Akbar Sharip, Patricia Araki, Bessie Hwang
Use of Syndromic Surveillance during a South Florida Mass Migration Exercise, Broward County
Aaron Kite-Powell, John Livengood
An Efficient Approach to Map LOINC Concepts to Notifiable Conditions
Wei Li, Jerome I. Tokars, Nikolay Lipskiy, Sundak Ganesan
Visits with Nontyphoidal Salmonella Infections Reported to the BioSense System, 2006-2007
N. Lipskiy, J. I. Tokars, J. Copeland, R. English, N. Patel
Criteria for Prioritizing Statisitical Anomalies Identified in BioSense
Colleen Martin, Jerome Tokars, Gabriel Rainisch, Jacqueline Burkholder, Kali Crosby
Results from the BioSense Jurisdiction-Specific Wbinars
Colleen Martin, Kaipo Akaka, Jacqueline Burkholder, Kali Crosby, William Lei, Matthew Miller, Gabriel Rainisch, Courtney Rodi, Ericka Sinclair, Jerome Tokars
Use of Final Diagnosis Data for Surveillance of Respiratory Syncytial Views
Colleen Martin, Jerome Tokars, Ashley Fowlkes, Catherine Panozzo
Development of an Introductory Continuing Medical Education Program for Public Health Professionals and Clinicians in Syndromic Surveillance
Larissa May, Julie Pavlin
A Novel Application of Surveillance Algorithms in Childhood Immunization Program Monitoring
Laura McDonald, Niko Yiannakoulias, Larry Svenson
Syndromic Surveillance and Influenza-like Illness in Georgia
Erin L. Murray, Karl Soetebier, Wendy Cameron
Use of Syndromic Surveillance in the Investigation of Salmonella Wandsworth Outbreak
Erin L. Murray, Richard Heffernan, Alice Yeung, Lara S. Kidoguchi, Don Weiss
Enhanced Public Health Surveillance Activities in Miami-Dade County for Super Bowl XLI
Erin O'Connell, Guoyan Zhang, Fermin Leguen, Maria Bustamante, Rene Borroto-Ponce
Surveillance Tiggers for Community-Based Mitigation of Pandemic Influenza
Donald R. Olson, Richard T. Heffernan
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Tuberculosis in Fukuoka, Japan
Daisuke Onozuka, Akihito Hagihara
Surveillance for Influenza Using the Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance and Hospital Admissions Syndromic Surveillance Systems, Connecticut, 2004-2007
Katherine M. Purviance, Alan J. Siniscalchi, James L. Hadler
The Use of BioSense Data for Surveillance of Gastrointestinal Illness
Gabriel Rainisch, Colleen Martin, Jerome Tokars
Clinical Surveillance Markers of Influenza-like Illness (ILI) at a Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital
S. Rao, A. Johnson, D. Abbott, J. Frederick, L. B. Caram, C. Woods
Missouri's Syndromic Surveillance Experience
Zachary Resch, Colleen Bullock, Aaron Winslow, Amy Kelsey
Using Public School Absentee Data to Enhance Snydromic Surveillance in Miami-Dade County, 2007
Diana Rodriguez, Guoyan Zhang, Fermin Leguen, Erin O'Connell, Maria Bustamante
Comparing Telehealth and NACRS Influenza Activity to Fluwatch Surveillance Using EARS-X
Elizabeth Rolland
Ontario's Telehealth: A Novel Snydromic Surveillance System
Elizabeth Rolland, Kieran M. Moore
Bio-Surveillance and Enhanced Situational Awareness
Jeff Schlegelmilch, Julia Gunn, Justin Pendarvis, Michael Donovan, Jan Vinje, Marc-Alain Widdowson, M. Anita Barry
Prospective Outbreak Detection in Pets as a Sentinel Indicator for Outbreaks in Humans
Loren Shaffer
Introduction to the System of Combined National Surveillances for Early Detection
M. Shigematsu, K. Taniguchi, N. Okabe
Preparing for the Pandemic: A Review of State Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plans Reveals Increased Reliance on Advanced Surveillance; Recommendations for Pandemic Influenza Surveillance
Alan J. Siniscalchi
Super Bowl Surveillance: A Practical Exercise in Inter-Jurisdictional Public Health Information Sharing
Carol Sniegoski, Wayne Loschen, Shandy Dearth, Joseph Gibson, Joseph Lombardo, Michael Wade, Matthew Westercamp, Richard Wojcik, Guoyan Zhang
Expert Meeting on Legal and Ethical Issues in Syndromic Surveillance
Michael A. Stoto
Enhancing Event Communication in Disease Surveillance: ECC 2.0
Nathaniel Tabernero, Wayne Loschen, Jacqueline Coberly, Carol Sniegoski, Rekha Holtry, Marvin Sikes, Sheryl Happel Lewis
Laboratory Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza: Estimating the Potential Magnitude of Diagnostic Demand through Trends in Respiratory Illness
Liselotte van Asten, Cees van den Wijngaard, Mariken van der Lubben, Robert Verheij, Wilfrid van Pelt, Hans van Vliet, Marion Koopmans
Can Monitoring Telehealth Ontario Respiratory Call Volume be a Component of an Effective Public Health Influenza Surveillance Strategy?
Adam van Dijk, Don McGuinness, Kieran M. Moore
Can Telehealth Ontario Respiratory Call Volume be Used as a Proxy for Emergency Department Respiratory Visit Surveillance by Public Health?
Adam van Dijk, Don McGuinness, Elizabeth Rolland, Kieran M. Moore
Exercise Demonstrates Effective Syndromic Surveillance Response Process
Michael Wade, Sandra Gorsuch, Thomas Duszynski, Ryan Gentry
Improving Rabies Surveillance Using Syndromic Data
Michael Wade, David Trepanier, James Howell
Increasing Local Access to Syndromic Surveillance Data
Michael Wade, David Trepanier
One Medicine- One Health: Implementing the Vision in Real-World Public Health
Tigi Ward, R. Michael Ragain, Gary Simpson, William Stanhope
Syndromic Surveillance for Detection of Increased Morbidity and Mortality by Influenza
Cees van den Wijngaard, Liselotte van Asten, Wilfrid van Pelt, Hans van Vliet, Marion Koopmans
Utilizing a Patient Tracking System for Public Health Emergencies
Laura Williams, Justin Pendvaris, Julia Gunn
Spatial Analysis of an Outbreak of Q Fever
L. E. Wilson, M. Donaghy
Could Syndromic Surveillance Data be Used Effectively with Other Data Sources? A Transposable Local View
Sarah Winn, Sa'ad Zaheer, Taj Azarian, Antoinette Alaimo
Analysis of Notifiable Diseases Detected by Syndromic Surveillance in Taiwan
Jiunn-Shyan Julian Wu, Li-Jung Chien, Jung-Hsin Kuo, Sui-Huei Tseng
Evaluating Syndromic Signals from Ambulatory Care Data in Four States
W. Katherine Yih, Candace Fuller, Dawn Heisey-Grove, John Hsu, Benjamin A. Kruskal, Michael Leach, James Nordin, Jessie Patton-Levine, Ella Puga, Edward Sherwood, Irene Shui, Richard Platt
Use of Epidemiological Knowledge to Create Syndromic Surveillance Reports
Guoyan Zhang, Erin O'Connell, Fermin Leguen, Maria Bustamante, Diana Rodriguez, Rene Borroto-Ponce

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