Vol. 2: Abstracts from the 2006 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Evaluation and Performance Testing

Table of Contents

Efficient Large-Scale Network-Based Simulation of Disease Outbreaks
Brian M. Adams, Karen D. Devine, Jaideep Ray, Michael M. Wolf
What is the Value of a Positive Syndromic Surveillance Signal?
Atar Baer, Mike Jackson, Jeffrey S. Duchin
Emergency Department Data Quality Best Practices
Clifton Barnett, Amy Ising, Debbie Travers, Anna Waller
Catchment Area of Miami Children's Hospital Emergency Room - Implications for Syndromic Surveillance in Miami-Dade County
Rene Borroto-Ponce, Guoyan Zhang, Fermin Leguen, Rodlescia Sneed, Claudio Micieli
A Comparison of Chief Complaints and Emergency Department Reports for Identifying Patients with Acute Lower Respiratory Syndrome
Wendy W. Chapman, John N. Dowling, Gregory F. Cooper, Milos Hauskrecht, Michal Valko
The Potential of Hospital Data Sources for Influenza Surveillance
Lynne Dailey, Garrick L. Wallstrom, Rochelle E. Watkins, Michael M. Wagner, Thomas V. Riley, Aileen J. Plant
Evaluation within the Users of a Syndromic Surveillance System in French Guiana
E. Daudens, M. Lamy, B. Dupuy, G. Texier, H. Chaudet, L. Pellegrin, S. Langevin, O. Tournebize, G. Moine, X. Deparis, R. Migliani, A. Spiegel, J-P. Boutin, J. Morvan, J-B. Meynard
Reducing the Delay in Detecting an Influenza Epidemic with More Sensitive Case Detection Algorithms
Sylvain DeLisle, Zhilian Ma, Brett South, Gary Smith, Shawn Loftus, Matthew Samore, Trish M. Perl
A System for Simulation: Introducing Outbreaks into Time Series Data
Colin R. Goodall, Sylvia Halasz, John R. Allegra, Dennis Cochrane
Evaluating the Performance of a Spatial Scan Statistic Using Simulated Outbreak Characteristics
Shaun Grannis, James Egg, Christopher A. Cassa, Karen Olson, Ken Mandl, J. Marc Overhage
Timeliness of Over-the-Counter Drug Sales as an Early Indicator of Community Disease Outbreaks in Hong Kong
Fanny Ho, Teresa Choi
Comparison of Chief-Complaint vs ICD-9 Data Used in an Emergency Department-Based Hospital Syndromic Surveillance System in Metropolitan Taipei, Taiwan
Chwan-Chuen King, Tsung-Shu Wu, Ching-Yi Hsiao, Fuh-Yan Frank Shih, Muh-Yung Yen, Der-Ming Liu, Shiou-Wen Lu, Chi-Ming Kevin Chang, Chien-Tsai Liu, Li-I Mei, Hen Chang, Andrew Corwin, Richard Fu-Chiang Tsui, Mike Wagner
Multi-Method Comparison of Detecting Common Events of Public Health Interest: a Multi-Site, Multi-Stream Simulation Study
Ken Kleinman, Allyson M. Abrams, Martin Kulldorff, Bela Matyas, Dawn Heisey, W. Katherine Yih, Richard Platt
The Feasibility of Using Consultation Diagnosis at Emergency Departments for Syndromic Surveillance
Terence Lam, Vera Chow, C. C. Lau, Beatrice Cheng, Teresa Choi
Detection Abilities of Several Commonly Used Algorithms as Determined by Simulation Analysis
Laura McDonald, Glenn Guthrie, Victoria Edge, Jeff Aramini
Evaluation of a Systematic Emergency Department Chief Complaint System for Near Real-Time Public Health Surveillance
Laura McDonald, Victoria Edge, Jeff Aramini, Kara McDonald
Chart Review of Laboratory-Confirmed Salmonella Enteritidis Cases in a Local Food Borne Outbreak Linked to Mung Bean Sprouts
Kieran M. Moore, Bronwen L. Edgar, Don McGuinness, Kevin O'Connor
Relationship between Clinical Screening Tools, Syndromic Surveillance, and Influenza-Positive Patients
Kieran Moore, Don McGuinness, Heather Lindsay
Can Internet Searches Provide Useful Data For Public Health Surveillance?
Farzad Mostashari
Comparison of ICD-9-Coded Chief Complaints and Diagnoses for Identifying Gastrointestinal Syndrome Using ESSENCE
Erin O'Connell, Fermin Leguen, Guoyan Zhang, Claudio Micieli, Rodlescia Sneed, Rene Ponce-Borroto
Effective Use of Laboratory Data for Monitoring Population Health
Cara H. Olsen, J.D. Malone, Shilpa Hakre, Julie A. Pavlin
An Innovative Design for Conducting Simulation Exercises on Electronic Disease Surveillance System
Marvin L. Sikes Jr., Rekha Holtry, Steve Babin, Wayne Loschen, Jacqueline S. Coberly, Sheryl L. Happel Lewis
Evaluation of the DC Department of Health's Syndromic Surveillance System
Michael A. Stoto, Arvind Jain, Beth Ann Griffin, John O. Davies-Cole, Garret Lum, Gebreyesus Kidane, Samuel C. Washington
A Framework for Evaluating Temporal Alerting Algorithms Used in Syndromic Surveillance Systems
Michael W. Thompson
Understanding the Dynamics of Gastro-Intestinal Syndrome: General Practioner and Hospital Data vs Laboratory Surveillance
Liselotte van Asten, Cees van den Wijngaard, Wilfrid van Pelt, Hans van Vliet, Marion Koopmans
Respiratory Syndrome in the Netherlands in Relation to Pathogen Activity
Cees van den Wijngaard, Liselotte van Asten, Wilfrid van Pelt, Arnold Dekkers, Hans van Vliet, Marion Koopmans
Syndromic Surveillance for a Large Respiratory Disease Outbreak by Legionella in the Netherlands
Cees van den Wijngaard, Liselotte van Asten, Wilfrid van Pelt, Arnold Dekkers, Jan van de Kassteele, Hans van Vliet, Marion Koopmans
Design of Web-Based Detectability Evaluation Software that Interfaces with a Syndromic Surveillance System
Garrick L. Wallstrom
Evaluation of the Rhode Island Real-Time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RI RODS) System: Disparate Data
Karen A. Williams, Jay S. Buechner
Syndromic Surveillance System User Satisfaction and Attitudes
Karen A. Williams, Jeremy Espino, Jay S. Buechner
A Syndrome Track and Reporting System in Hillsborough County Florida: Findings from a Systematic Evaluation
Y. Zhu, W. Wang, D. Atribun, C. Carrubba, J. Kintz, G. Elliot

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