Vol. 2: Abstracts from the 2006 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Emerging Priorities and Novel Applications

Table of Contents

An Exploration of New Uses of Traditional Data within an Ecological Study: Air Quality Effects on Pediatric Asthma Exacerbation Analysis
S. Babin, H. Burkom, R. Holtry, N. Tabernero, J. Davies-Cole, L. Stokes, D. Lee
Post-Katrina Situational Awareness in North Carolina
Clifton Barnett, Lana Deyneka, Anna Waller
Utility of 911 Ambulance Dispatch Data for the Syndromic Surveillance of Heat-Related Illness in Toronto, Ontario, 2002-2005
Kate Bassil, Effie Gournis, Elizabeth Rea, Fran Scott, Donald Cole
A Novel Approach to Using Chief Complaint-Driven Syndromic Surveillance: Use of CDC's EARS-X by Hospital Infection Control Practitioners
Sue Boeker, Daniel Drociuk, Amy E. Belflower, Connie Steed
Anonymization of Spatial Data by Gaussian Skew: Is Re-Identification Possible?
Christopher A. Cassa, Kenneth D. Mandl
Evaluating Pandemic Influenza Surveillance and Response Systems in Developing Countries: Framework and Pilot Application
J. P. Chretien, S. L. Lewis, H. S. Burkom, J. S. Glass, J. S. Lombardo
Utilization of Public Health Surveillance Data for Early Detection of Drinking Water Contamination
Kathy Clayton, Jessica Pulz, Steve Allgeier, Katie Gavit, Sarah Tater
Disease Surveillance among Katrina Evacuees in Shelters - Use of a Web-Based Surveillance System during an Emergency Response
Susan T. Cookson, Karl Soetebier, Alex Cowell, Cherie Drenzek, The District Disease Surveillance Team
Assessing the Utility of Syndromic Surveillance Systems during Extreme Weather Conditions
James B. Daniel, Kristina Kishonti, Janos Bovos, Dawn Heisey, Anna Paldy
Estimating Hospital Admissions for Influenza Using Emergency Department (ED) Syndromic Surveillance Data, New York City
Dabjani Das, Donald Olson, Richard Heffernan
Using Poison Center Syndromic Surveillance for Environmental Health Signals Detection
Lana Deyneka, Peter Costa, Aaron Kipp
Absenteeism Among Employees in a Southeastern Ontario Hospital: A Novel Application of Syndromic Surveillance
Tara L. Donovan, Kieran M. Moore, Liz VanDenKerkhof, Don McGuinness, Bronwen Edgar
Disaster Surveillance Revisited: Passive, Active and Electronic Syndromic Surveillance during Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA - 2005
Aaron T. Fleischauer, Stacy Young, Joshua Mott, Raoult Ratard
Mortality Surveillance during a Large Chikungunya Outbreak Using a Syndromic Surveillance System
Loic Josseran, Christophe Paquet, Nadege Caillere, Jean Louis Solet
Short Term Effects of Meteorological Parameters to Respiratory Infections with Fever
Ioannis F. Karagiannis, Sotirios Tsiodras, Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos, Angeliki L. Lambrou, Kassiani Gkolfinopoulou, Urania G. Dafni
An Examination of Syndromic Surveillance for Early Detection of Nosocomial Outbreaks
Kiyoshi Kikuchi, Yasushi Ohkusa, Tamie Sugawara, Mika Shigematsu, Kiyosu Taniguchi, Nobuhiko Okabe
Syndromic Surveillance of Emergency Department Chief Complaints Post-Hurricane Wilma, Broward County, Florida 2005
Aaron Kite-Powell, John Livengood
Multi-Tier Role Based Access for Secure and Flexible Syndromic Surveillance
Meichun Li, Amy Ising, Raghu Havaldar, Anna Waller
Implementation of a New Syndromic Surveillance System in April 2006 in French Guiana
J-B. Meynard, V. Ardillon, P. Dussart, P. Chaud, J. Rosine, E. Durquety, M. Lamy, E. Daudens, B. Dupuy, A. Bouix, M. Joubert, C. Grenier, A. Blatteau, S. Boyer, T. Cardoso, S. Langevin, X. Thauvin, F. Ravachol, F. Mansotte, S. Matheus, F. Djossou, G. Moine, J. Morvan, P. Quenel
Dual Monitoring of ILI Syndrome Using the ESSENCE System
Claudio Micieli, Rodlescia Sneed, O'Connell Erin, Rene Borroto-Ponce, Gouyan Zhang
Increase in Pneumonia Cases as an Early Indicator of Severe and Pandemic Influenza Outbreak
Z. R. Mnatsakanyan, R. J. Ashar, S. P. Murphy, J. S. Coberly, H. Burkom
Emergency Department Surveillance of Alcohol-Related Violence and Injuries to Enable Event Monitoring and Management
Kieran M. Moore, Bronwen L. Edgar, Don McGuinness, Kevin O'Connor
Adding GIS and Earth Observations to Syndromic Surveillance
Stanley A. Morain
The Impact of Hurricane Katrina Evacuees from Louisiana and Mississippi on Georgia Emergency Departments: Syndromic Surveillane and Disasters
Erin L. Murray, Karl Soetebier, Annette L. Neu, Crystal G. Witherspoon, Susan T. Cookson
Using Age & Syndrome to Characterize Epidemic Winter-Seasonal Acute Gastroenteritis
D. R. Olson, M. Paladini, F. Mostashari, S. Balter, D. Weiss, R. Heffernan
Syndromic Surveillance in Support of an Urban Violence Intervention
Mary Ostrem, Julia E. Gunn
Preparing for the Pandemic: A Review of State Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plans and Recommendations for Influenza Surveillance
Alan J. Siniscalchi, The Committee on Public Health Practice Subcommittee on Pandemic Influenza Surveillance
Comparison of Ambulatory Electronic Health Record and Emergency Department Visit Log Data for Respiratory, Fever, and GI Syndromes
Nicholas D. Soulakis, Farzad Mostashari
Scanning the Emerging Infectious Diseases Horizon - Visualizing ProMed Emails Using EpiSPIDER
Herman Tolentino, Raoul Kamadjeu, Paul Fontelo, Fang Liu, Michael Matters, Marjorie Pollack, Larry Madoff
Late Season Influenza-like Illness in Georgia: Prospective Detection of an Illness Cluster Using Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance
Eileen Usman, Susan Harp, Zsolt Koppanyi
Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS)
Thomas Wahl, Alexey Burdakov
What Can Enhanced Influenza Surveillance Teach Us About Syndromic Surveillance?
L. E. Wilson, A. Smith, A. Gordon, C. Robertson, C. Robertson, J. McMenamin
Telephone Triage Data for Detection of Influenza-like Illness
W. Katherine Yih, Allyson Abrams, Ken Kleinman, Martin Kulldorff, Robert Pinner, Robert Harmon, Richard Platt
Use of Syndromic Data for Surveillance of Hurricane-Related Injuries in Miami-Dade County, FL
Guoyan Zhang, Rodlescia Sneed, Fermin Leguen, Lidice Ana Cutie, Claudio Micieli, Rene Borroto-Ponce, Erin O'Connell
Greater Pathogenicity of Norovirus Strains in 2003? A Syndromic Approach
Liselotte van Asten, Cees van den Wijngaard, Joukje Siebenga, Wilfrid van Pelt, Hans van Vliet, Marion Koopmans

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