Vol. 2: Abstracts from the 2006 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Public Health Practice

Table of Contents

Correlation between Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus Isolates and Emergency Department Visits, Los Angeles County, 2005-2006
Patricia Araki, Bessie Hwang, Sadina Reynaldo, Raymond Aller, Laurene Mascola
Using the Early Aberration Reporting System (EARS) to Analyze Influenza Sentinel Provider Surveillance and Influenza Rapid Test Reports
Amy E. Belflower, Stephanie Cox, Lena M. Bretous, Daniel Drociuk
Accuracy versus Timeliness for Influenza Detection: A Comparison of Hospital Syndromic Surveillance Data with Discharge Data
Pamela Berenbaum, Margaret Gibson, Lynn Z. Blevins
Characterizing Socioeconomic Disparities in the Burden of Influenza and RSV Using Surveillance Data
John S. Brownstein, Barbara Garcia Pena, Kenneth D. Mandl
Responding to Syndromic Surveillance Alerts: An Adaptable Protocol for Georgia Health Districts
Wendy Cameron, Annette L. Neu, Erin L. Murray, Karl Soetebier, Susan T. Cookson
Standard Operation Procedures for Three Syndromic Surveillance Systems in Washoe County, Nevada - A Local Perspective
Lei Chen, Sharon Clodfelter
Use of Informatics for Understanding Disease Activity in Community
Vera Chow, Terence Lam, Teresa Choi
Identifying a Meningitis Case through Syndromic Surveillance: An Example of Detecting Events of Public Health Importance and Improving Situational Awareness
Alvina Chu, David Blythe, Kia Tolson, Debra Collier, Matthew Minson
Resolving the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' Syndrome
Michael A. Coletta, Julie Plagenhoef, Howard S. Burkom, Wayne Loschen
Primary Care Surveillance in the UK - Actions, Outcomes, Benefits
D. L. Cooper, G. E. Smith, A. Elliot, S. E. Harcourt, S. Smith, P. Loveridge, S. Ibbotson, R. George, J. Hippisley-Cox
Active Surveillance of Foodborne Illnesses Using a Novel Syndrome Database
Mary Derby, Jude McNally, James Ranger-Moore, Lisa Hulette, Rodrigo Villar, Michael Lebowitz, Jefferey Burgess
Syndromic Surveilance of Norovirus Using Sales of Non-Prescription Medications for Gastroenteritis
Victoria Edge, Frank Pollari, Lai King Ng, Pascal Michel, Scott McEwen, Jeff Wilson, Michael Jerrett, Paul Sockett, Wayne Martin
Comparison of Syndromic Surveillance Systems in the Military
Scott A. Fujimoto, Melinda Eaton, Paul A. Sjoberg
A Comparison between Syndromic Surveillance 911/EMS and Emergency Department Data
German A. Gonzalez, Erin L. Murray, Karl Soetebier, James W. Buehler, Susan T. Cookson
Variation of Chief Complaint-Based Respiratory Symptom Data in One Hospital's Nurse Advice Call Center and Emergency Department
J. Goplin, M. Feist, T. Miller
Expanding the Functionality of Syndromic Surveillance Systems: Data Mining and Query Development
Elizabeth Hibler, Dave Trepanier, Michael Wade
Establishing a Syndromic Surveillance System Using Chief-Complaint Data at Emergency Department of One Regional Hospital in Taipei City to Detect Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Ching-Yi Hsiao, Tsung-Shu Joseph Wu, Fuh-Yan Frank Shih, Muh-Yung Yen, Mathuros Tipayamongkholgul, Mei-Lien Pan, Der-Ming Liu, Chien-Tsai Liu, Hen Chang, Chwan-Chuen King
Experience with Clinician-Based Syndromic Surveillance in West Texas
Connie Lindley, Tigi Ward
Event Communication in a Regional Disease Surveillance System
Wayne Loschen, Jacqueline Coberly, Rekha Holtry, Sheryl Happel Lewis
ICD-9 CM Based Sub-Syndrome Distributions in BioSense Hospital Data
Colleen A. Martin, Jerome Tokars, Hoabo Ma
Interest of Syndromic Surveillance within the Armed Forces in French Guiana for Early Warning
J-B. Meynard, P. Dussart, M. Lamy, S. Matheus, B. Dupuy, E. Daudens, S. Langevin, G. Texier, H. Chaudet, L. Pellegrin, O. Tournebize, G. Moine, X. Deparis, R. Migliani, A. Spiegel, J. Morvan, J-P. Boutin
Utility of the ESSENCE System for Surveillance of Influenza-like Illness (ILI) in Miami-Dade County
Claudio Micieli, Rodlescia Sneed, Erin O'Connell, Rene Borroto-Ponce, Guoyan Zhang, Fermin Leguen
Acute Care Alerting and Integrated Public Health Investigation and Response to Syndromic Surveillance Alerts: Example of a Local Food Borne Outbreak
Kieran M. Moore, Bronwen L. Edgar, Don McGuinness, Kevin O'Connor
Early Detection and Integrated Response to Seasonal Influenza
Kieran M. Moore, Don McGuinness, Bronwen L. Edgar, Kevin O'Connor
Sneezes vs. Wheezes: Syndrome Definitions for Influenza-like Illness
Justin Pendarvis, Julia Gunn, Amy Kirkwood Smith, Michael Donovan, Anita Barry
The Use of Rapid Diagnostic Assays to Supplement Syndromic Surveillance: Preliminary Results of a Pilot Project in New York City
Darcy Phelan, Sam Amirfar, Mat Kendall, Farzad Mostashari
Syndromic Surveillance Pilot Project in Dongcheng District of Beijing China
Qiao Lei, Xiao Dan, Zhang Xiaodong, Lei Zhenlong, Wang Quan Yi
Analyses of National Syndromic Surveillance Data: Real-Time Hospital, Veterans Affairs (VA) & Department of Defense (DoD) Data
Gabriel Rainisch, Jerome Tokars, Paul McMurray, Roseanne English
Evaluation of Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories as a Possible Data Source for Prospective Outbreak Surveillance
Loren E. Shaffer, Julie A. Funk, Paivi Rajala-Schultz, Michael M. Wagner, Thomas E. Wittum, William J.A. Saville
Influenza Surveillance in Connecticut: Understanding the 2005-06 Season while Preparing for Pandemic Influenza
Alan J. Siniscalchi, Maria T. Andrews, Amanda Morrison
WHONET and BacLink: Software Tools for Laboratory-Based Surveillance of Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance
John M. Stelling, Martin Kulldorff, Thomas F. O'Brien
Exploring the Gaps: Symptoms by Influenza Type and Enhanced Sampling
Gwyneth L. Vance, Brooke L. Asbury, Jill C. Feig
Operational Considerations and Early Successes with a Statewide Public Health Surveillance System
Michael Wade, Joseph Gibson, Shandy Dearth, Shaun Grannis
Syndromic Surveillance in the State of Florida
Wei Wang, Yiliang Zhu, Tao Wang
The Practicality of Spatio-Temporal Surveillance in a Scottish Health Board
L. E. Wilson, D. Roseburgh, J. Miller
Utilisation of Data Derived from a Nurse-Led NHS Access and Information Telephone Helpline (NHS24) in Communicable Disease Management in Scotland
L. E. Wilson, A. Smith, N. Meyer, C. Robertson, P. Baxter, D. Cooper, J. McMenamin
Development of an Integrated Surveillance System for Beijing
Xiaohui Zhang, Yun Ding, Zhijue Chen, Charles Schable

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