Vol. 2: Abstracts from the 2006 Conference of the International Society for Disease Surveillance

Automated Data Acquisition and Processing

Table of Contents

Optimizing Performance of an Ngram Method for Classifying Emergency Department Visits into the Respiratory Syndrome
Philip Brown, Sylvia Halasz, Dennis G. Cochrane, John R. Allegra, Colin Goodall, Simon Tse
Project Management and Design for Syndromic Surveillance Software
David Calvert
A Community of E-Services for Syndromic Surveillance and Early Warning within the French Forces
H. Chaudet, L. Pellegrin, J-B. Meynard, G. Texier, B. Queyriaux, J-P. Boutin
Chief Complaint Preprocessing Evaluated on Statistical and Non-Statistical Classifiers
Jagan Dara, John N. Dowling, Debbie Travers, Gregory F. Cooper, Wendy W. Chapman
SyCo: A Probabilistic Machine Learning Method for Classifying Chief Complaints into Symptom and Syndrome Categories
Jeremy U. Espino, John Dowling, John Levander, Peter Sutovsky, Michael M. Wagner, Gregory F. Cooper
Using Business Intelligence Tools to Automate Data Capture and Reporting
Dennis M. Falls, John R. McLamb, Amy I. Ising, Anna E. Waller
Improving System Ability to Identify Symptom Complexes in Free-Text Data
Cory Forbach, Matthew J. Scholer, Dennis Falls, Amy Ising, Anna Waller
Data and Text Mining in Analysis of the Emergence of H5N1 Virus Strain
Peter Frometa
Defining and Applying a Method for Establishing Gold Standard Sets of Emergency Room Visit Data
George S. Ghneim, Shiying Wu, Matt Westlake, Matthew J. Scholer, Debbie A. Travers, Anna E. Waller, Scott F. Wetterhall
An Adaptive Anomaly Detection Algorithm
Sylvia Halasz, Colin R. Goodall, Arnold Lent, John Allegra, Dennis Cochrane
Talking Turkish: Using N-Grams for Syndromic Surveillance in a Turkish Emergency Department without the Need for English Translation
Sylvia Halasz, Philip Brown, Cem Oktay, Arif Alper Cevik, Isa Kilicaslan, Colin Goodall, Dennis G. Cochrane, John R. Allegra, Guy Jacobson, Simon Tse
A Nonstatistical Algorithm for Automated Surveillance of Poison Control Center Data
Katherine Hart, Kathleen Roche, Marc J. Bayer, Bernard Sangalli
Identifying Categories of Over-the-Counter Products with Superior Outbreak Detection Performance
William R. Hogan, Garrick L. Wallstrom, Ran Li
Fever Detection in Clinic Visit Notes Using a General Purpose Processor
George Hripcsak, Akiva Bamberger, Carol Friedman
A Bayesian Network for Estimating and Predicting Epidemic Curves
Xia Jiang
Comparison of Automated Geocoding Methods in a Distributed Multi-County Disease Surveillance System
Bryant T. Karras, David Bliss, Steve Wagner, Scott Horn, Scott Lindquist
Ontology-Based Automatic Chief Complaints Classification for Syndromic Surveillance
Ken Komatsu, Lea Trujillo, Hsin-Min Lu, Daniel Zeng, Hsinchun Chen
System Monitoring for Near Real-Time Surveillance for Infectious Diseases
Eileen Koski, Boris Gdalevich, Sean Haines, Patrick Tellez, Jake Geller
Automated Creation of High-Quality Maps Using SAS and Python
Jingsong Lu, Christopher Goranson, Kevin Konty, Farzad Mostashari
Evaluation of Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance Data by ICD-9 Code: Is There a Correlation between Chief Complaint and Final Emergency Department Diagnosis for Early Detection of Influenza-like Illness?
Larissa May, Michael Stoto, Neal Sikka
Automated Information Integration from Heterogeneous Data Sources: A Semantic Web Approach
Parsa Mirhaji, Narendra Kunapareddy, Arunkumar Srinivasan, Sean Byrne, S. Ward Casscells
Semantic Approach to Text Understanding of Chief Complaints Data
Parsa Mirhaji, Sean Byrne, Narendra Kunapareddy, S. Ward Casscells
Maximum Entropy Models in Chief Complaint Classification
Kevin H. O'Connor, Kieran M. Moore, Bronwen Edgar, Don McGuinness
Inferring Outbreak Characteristics from a Short Observation Period of Symptomatic Patients
Jaideep Ray, Y. M. Marzouk, M. Kraus, P. Fast
Improving Detection Timeliness by Modeling and Correcting for Data Availability Delays
Ben Y. Reis, Kenneth M. Mandl
Use of Clinical Laboratory Results for Military Medical Surveillance: The Health Level 7 Experience
Asha Riegodedios, Gosia Kubiak, Teresa Hines
Automated Syndromic Surveillance System in Los Angeles County
Akbar Sharip, Bessie Hwang, Han Wu, David Yee, Craig Toyota, Curtis Croker, Patricia Araki, Raymond Aller
Text-Processing of VA Clinical Notes to Improve Case Detection Models for Influenza-like Illness
Brett R. South, Shobha Phansalkar, Ashwin Deepak Swaminathan, Jill Anthony, Sylvain Delisle, Trish Perl, Matthew H. Samore
Real-Time Surveillance: Cutting-Edge Technology in NH
David Swenson, Christine Adamski, Karla Armenti
Implementation of the BioDefend Syndromic Surveillance System: Electronic Format versus Web-Based Data Entry
S. Zaheer, S. Winn, J. Perry, V. Minden

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