Discovery of a Critically Endangered Salamander in Mexico

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 7.40.32 AMGraduate student Sima Bouzid has a new article in the journal Herpetological Review on the discovery of a new population of a critically endangered salamander (Bradytriton silus) in a remote region of Chiapas, Mexico. This rare species is known from just a few other localities in Mexico and Guatemala, and for nearly 30 years it was thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in 2009. The discovery of a new population in Chiapas shows that the species is more widespread than previously thought, and suggests that our knowledge of where B. silus occurs almost certainly does not represent the species full range.

Bouzid, NM, Rovito SM, Sanchez-Solis JF. 2015. Discovery of the Critically Endangered Finca Chiblac Salamander (Bradytriton silus) in Northern Chiapas, Mexico. Herpetological Review, 2015, 46(2), 186–187.

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New lab photo


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Herpetology Field Trip

It was a terrific day for a herpetology field trip. We found some really cool reptiles. You can watch videos of some of these on youtube.
Coluber constrictor
Contia tenuis
Hypsiglena torquata
Thamnophis sirtalis

Phrynosoma douglasii
Sceloporus occidentalis
Uta stansburiana

Coluber constrictor

Coluber constrictor

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Feeding Time Video

Heidi Rockney (superstar undergraduate researcher) just posted this great video of her favorite job at the Woodland Park Zoo: feeding the Colorado River Toads!

Colorado River Toads. Video by Heidi Rockney.

Colorado River Toads. Photo by Heidi Rockney.


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Visiting Researcher Alejandra Panzera

Welcome to Alejandra Panzera, a visiting researcher from Universidad de Concepción, Chile. She is a PhD student working with Dr. Pedro Victoriano in the Laboratorio de Microevolución y Ecología de Vertebrados. She will be here for the next three months to learn how to collect sequence capture data for her dissertation research on Liolaemus lizards.  Alejandra is working on phylogeography and species delimitation in Liolaemus tennis, a species with a broad distribution across Chile. She is also collecting sequence capture data to resolve the phylogenetic relationships of a clade of Chilean Liolaemus species. Just this weekend she found her first salamander – congratulations!

Alejandra Panzera (and Leonard Jones)

Alejandra Panzera (& Leonard Jones)

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