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1000 Word Challenge

Try to describe your research using only the 1000 most common words using the “UP-GOER FIVE TEXT EDITOR” We study animals and how they came to be from the same animals and then changed over time into different ones. Some … Continue reading

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Heidi’s Award

Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Heidi Rockney – she was recently awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship for her work on African frogs. Way to go Heidi!

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Snake Assemblathon

The Burke Museum Behind the Scenes Night was a big success. Herpetology had a few things to offer this year in honor of the “Year of the Snake”. Jared and Matt helped with a “Snakes of Washington” table, Erin and … Continue reading

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Reptile GIFs – Head Like an Orange

Check out “Head Like an Orange” to see lots of cool reptile-related animated GIFs.

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Reticulated python, assembly required

We’re getting a new reticulated python skeleton ready for assembly. The specimen will be articulated during our upcoming “Burke Members Behind The Scenes Night”. We’re hoping that we can find a few member-volunteers to help put it back together again.

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