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Anaconda Boxcavation

Last week at the annual Burke Museum Behind the Scenes Night we excavated the skeleton of a yellow anaconda. We acquired the anaconda from the Woodland Park Zoo, and we skinned the snake at the 2013 Behind the Scenes Night. … Continue reading

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In the long run, herpetologist Tyrone Hayes beats big industry

A new article in the New Yorker tells the incredible story of UC Berkeley professor Tyrone Hayes, and his long fight against industry giant Syngenta’s herbicide (and frogicide) atrazine. To put the story in Star Wars terms, Syngenta is the “Evil Empire”, … Continue reading

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Salamander migration

Graduate student Jared Grummer was recently interviewed by the Sammamish Review to discuss salamander breeding and migrations, particularly in rural Seattle areas. Highlights of the article include the following quotes (not necessarily from Jared): – “Salamanders, as it happens, are … Continue reading

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New Species Tree Sampling Design Study

Rebecca Harris has a new paper in the journal Evolution on the influence of sampling design on species tree inference. The paper also has a new phylogeny for New World Chickadees. Link to article.

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Road Cruising Washington: Africa Edition

Road cruising for reptiles in Washington just got a lot more interesting. This savannah monitor lizard (Varanus exanthematicus) was found over the weekend in Bellingham merging onto Interstate 5 at the Lakeway Exit 253 on-ramp. The species is typically found in arid … Continue reading

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