GEOG 505 Spatial Dimensions of Chinese Development (5 credits)


Autumn 2009 Mon 3:30-6:20 pm

Kam Wing Chan




Outline: The geography of population and activities are important and complex aspects of Chinaís development; yet they are understudied. This seminar course introduces graduate students to several major spatial topics, many of which are critical to present-day Chinaís development. These topics include population and land relationship, the spatial structures of economic activities and governments, rural-urban relations and transition, central-local relations, the hukou system, population mobility at different spatial scales, and urban centers. Emphasis will be on helping students develop perspectives in analyzing China, plus research and data skills. The scholarly literature for this course draws from the disciplines of geography, and other social science disciplines. Each student is expected to complete weekly readings, participate in presentations and discussions, and prepare a research paper (or a detailed research proposal) in relation to his or her interest areas at the end of the course.