Research Funding

Below is a list of organizations that have funded my research, including individual research grants, collaborative research grants, and grants related to the Center of an Informed Public. 

Research Funding

National Science Foundation, $550,000, PI,  CAREER Grant: Unraveling Online Disinformation Trajectories: Applying and Translating a Mixed-Method Approach to Identify, Understand and Communicate Information Provenance (2018-2023)

Office of Naval Research, $95,110 (of $196,341), Co-PI, Multimodal Analysis of Social Media to Detect Strategic Campaign Trends (2018-2019)

Facebook Research, $0 (of $50,000), Advisor to the Grant, Data Science & Field Design Methods for Supporting Crisis Informatics in Conflict Zones (2019-2020)

National Science Foundation$294,318 (of $494,188), Co-PI, IIS: CHS: Small: Tracking and Unpacking Rumor Permutations to Understand Collective Sensemaking Online (2017-2020)

National Science Foundation, $465,555, PI on Multi-Site Collaborative Grant where lead is Rachel Davidson at the University of Delaware, CMMI: Collaborative Research: CRISP Type 2: Defining and Optimizing Societal Objectives for the Earthquake Risk Management of Critical Infrastructure (2017-2021)

Office of Naval Research, $75,000, PI, Understanding the Structure and Dynamics of Disinformation in the Online Information (2017)

National Science Foundation, $267,015 (of $467,629), PI, IIS: CHS: Small: Detecting Misinformation Flows in Social Media Spaces During Crisis Events (2014-2016)

National Science Foundation, $35,000 (of $72,879), Co-PI, RAPID: Social Media: Learning from the Boston Marathon Bombing (2013-2014)

NOAA/CRRC, $30,000 (of $180,000), Investigator, Response Risk Communication Tools for Dispersants and Oil Spills (2012-2014)

For funding amounts, the second number (in parentheses) is the total amount of money that was awarded for this grant. The first number is the amount of money that went to my research program. In one cases (Facebook Research), I served as an advisor to the grant but received no funding.

Center for an Informed Public Funding (with Co-PIs West, Spiro, Coward, Calo)

Knight Foundation, ($5 Million), Center for an Informed Public, Co-PI

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, ($600,000), Center for an Informed Public, Co-PI

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