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Lindah Kotut

Assistant Professor
Information School
University of Washington

Office: Mary Gates Hall 015
Campus Box: 352840
Phone: (206) 221-6128



INFO 464: Value Sensitive Design
Winter 2024 (Syllabus)

INFO 415: Topics in Cybersecurity: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
Winter 2024

INSC 598: Privacy, Surveillance & Trust
Autumn 2023

About Me

I am an assistant professor in the Information School at the University of Washington. My research is at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and privacy/cybersecurity. I look at how people tell stories both online and offline, and the role that technology plays in the telling.

I am particularly interested in communities that do not have equitable access to storytelling tools and technology, those that are resourced-challenged, and those that are marginalized. I seek to highlight how learning from these underrepresented stories can inform the design of tools to amplify other communities to tell their own stories offline and online, and, more broadly, in providing spaces to query how these techniques offer key opportunities to understand other emerging and growing areas in computer science including ethics, privacy, (cyber)security and fairness and accountability in algorithm design.

Interested in working with me?

Ongoing research projects are at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Privacy and Security and Indigenous Knowledge. See the Research Page for details about active projects and the Advising Page for more information about on how to apply to join the lab.

Selected Publications

  • Winds of Change: Seeking, Preserving, and Retelling Indigenous Knowledge Through Self-Organized Online Communities
    Lindah Kotut and D. Scott McCrickard.
    ACM CHI 2022. | pdf | doi

  • TL;DR Charter: Speculatively Demystifying Privacy Policy Documents and Terms Agreements.
    Lindah Kotut and D. Scott McCrickard.
    ACM GROUP 2022. | pdf | doi

  • The Long Way Home: News Values in Stories Told by Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers on Social Media
    Lindah Kotut, Michael Horning, and D. Scott McCrickard.
    ACM CSCW 2022. | pdf | doi

  • Preparing for the Unexpected: Community Framework for Social Media Use and Social Support by Trail Thru-Hikers.
    Lindah Kotut, Michael Horning, Timothy L. Stelter and D. Scott McCrickard.
    ACM CHI 2020 | pdf | doi

  • Clash of Times: Respectful Technology Space for Integrating Community Stories in Intangible Exhibits.
    Lindah Kotut, Neelma Bhatti, Morva Saaty, Derek Haqq, Timothy L. Stelter and D. Scott McCrickard.
    ACM CHI 2020 | pdf | doi

  • Willing Buyer, Willing Seller: Personal Data Trade as a Service.
    Lindah Kotut, Timothy L. Stelter, Michael Horning and D. Scott McCrickard.
    ACM GROUP 2020 | pdf | doi | Slides | Speaker Notes

  • Amplifying the Griot: Design Fiction for Development as an Inclusivity Lens.
    Lindah Kotut and D. Scott McCrickard.
    CHI 2020 Design Fictions Workshop | pdf

  • Full list of publications

Recent Updates

Feb 2024: I Will be giving a DUB talk on "Contextual Canaries: Addressing Information Asymmetry and Navigating Design with Unwritten Stories" on the 7th.

Jan. 2024: Paper "Begone, Orthot: A Near-Future Exploration of Bodily Autonomy" led by Hummd Alikhan accepted to the Alt.CHI track at CHI 2024. Congratulations!

Jan. 2024: Two Papers (Griot-Style Methodology and Device Sharing Complexities) accepted to CHI 2024.

Jan. 2024: I Will be teaching two courses during the Winter Quarter: Value Sensitive Design and Special Topics in Cybersecurity--Open-Source Intelligence.

Sep 2023: I Will be giving a keynote on "Stories of Agency and Power: Indigenous Knowledge and HCI" in MHCI+D Immersion Studio

Sep 2023: Amelia Dogan (NSF Graduate Research Fellow) joins our lab. Welcome!

Sep 2023: I Will be teaching two courses during the Autumn Quarter: Privacy, Surveillance & Trust (Graduate) and Special Topics in Cybersecurity--Risk Assessment.