Extended time series at 165°E

Extended time series at 165°E

The CTD time series at 165°E that was described in Kessler (1999) has been extended with the addition of 4 cruises taken since that work was done. These cruises were made while servicing TAO moorings in Oct 97, July 98, Oct 98, and Aug 99. The profiles were treated exactly as was done in Kessler (1998), and the following plots show figures as in that paper with the updated data set.

Now the time series at 180° and 155°W have also been extended, so the whole paper can be updated. Figures shown at Venice STC workshop, Oct 2000.

  1. Updated figures as in the publication
    1. Like Fig 1 (profile distribution in y,t)  All black
    2. Like Fig 2  1s-1N  5-7S
    3. Like Fig 3 (Mean S(y,z) and Ug)
    4. Like Fig 4 (Salinity on Sigma-t=24.5 in y,t)   (Overlay profile location dots)   Color   Color, no dots
      Like Fig 4 but Maximum salinity
    5. Extended time series of S on Sigma-t=24.5 at 3°-5°S)  Maximum salinity instead of S on isopycnal
    6. Like Fig 6 (Time series at 165°E, 180° and 155°W)
    7. Like Fig 7 (Zonal salinity advection between 165°E and 180°)  Include Ubar*dS/dx and U*dS/dxbar

  2. Extra figures
    1. Locations of data at 180° and 155°W: 180°  180° (include cruise JM189)  155°W
    2. S on Sigma-t=24.5 (y,t) with overlaid location dots: 165°E  180°  180° (incl JM189)  155°W  
    3. Salinity advection (y,t): Ug on sigma-t=24.5 at 165°E  Salinity difference between 165°E and 180°  UdS/dx

  3. Salinity advection stuff (not in very good order!)
    1. Salinity gradients on 24.5 between 165E-180
    2. Ug and Vg anomalies on 24.5
    3. Advection anomalies
    4. Zonal and meridional advection (latitude by latitude)
    5. Advection on 24.5 (contours of dS/dt, udS/dx and vdS/dy)
    6. Vg anomalies on 24.5  Vg
    7. Advection at 5-7N  5-7S
    8. udS/dx and dS/dt at 5-7S  4S-8S
    9. dS/dy (contours)  vdS/dy (5S-7S)
    10. Vector currents on 24.5
    11. Time series of S on 24.5 at 4S-8S"  2S-2N

  4. Various things ....
    1. PV (f/h)  Anomalies
    2. S on 24.5 anomalies
    3. Compare Vg with Meinen: Contours 8S-8N   5S   5N

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