Mean 3-dimensional circulation in the northeast tropical Pacific

Mean 3-dimensional circulation in the NE tropical Pacific

William S. Kessler, 2002. (J.Phys.Oceanogr., 32, 2457-2471)

Figures shown in talks

Download the published paper: here.
pdf version of talk, given at EGS (Nice, April 2003)
  1. Introduction slide
  2. Wire diagrams of 12°C and 20°C depth:
       Tropical Pacific   Northeast tropical region
  3. Distribution of XBT data by seasons
  4. Mean SST and depth of 20°C
  5. Mean dynamic height and Ug  Alt rel 450m
  6. Geostrophic, Drifter and Ekman currents
  7. Mean Curl(Tau) and vector wind stress  Whole tropical Pacific  Squeezed
  8. Dynamics
  9. Sverdrup Balance equations
  10. Sverdrup balance comparison  Compare all wind products
  11. Vertical velocity equations
  12. Zonal section of T and Vg along 8.5°N  From K90 (120°E-75°W)
  13. Transport vectors below 17°C (Tsuchiya jets)
  14. w at z=0 and across Z17  Also show above 17°C
  15. y-Integrated transport below 17°C (Tsuchiya jets)
  16. Windspeed and Solar radiation  Heat flux terms
  17. Conclusion

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