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March 16-18, 2012, Seattle

Local Transportation

From the Airport to Hotel Deca:

Taking Shuttle Express share ride is the most common way to go to your destination from Sea-Tac Airport.  Shuttle Express has a route to go to Hotel DECA directly and the cost of one way is $19 ( To schedule the service, please check the link: .

Traveling from University District

It is so convenient to take bus traveling around Seattle, including Downtown Seattle and Northgate Mall (the closest shopping mall from the hotel) from the hotel. Many bus routes do have bus stop near the hotel.

Depending on Peak Hours (Monday to Friday 6-9 am, 3-6 pm)or not and Zones, fare is from $2.25 to $3.00. If you pay with cash or a Metro ticket on Metro Transit, Don’t forget to ask the bus drive for a metro paper transfers. Within the time shown on the transfer, you can take the Metro Transit free by showing the transfer to drivers.

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