International Conference

Economic Integration and Economic Growth:


May 28-29, 2016, Seattle

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Local Transportation

1. Going from the Seattle airport to the hotel

  • taxi. Follow the signs at the Seattle airport to catch a taxi. This method is the most expensive one, with a cost of about US$60. The trip takes about 25 minutes, depending on the travel conditions.

  • Shuttle Express. This is a door-to-door service provided by Shuttle Express vans. According to the web site of the company, the cost of the service from the airport to Hotel Deca is US$19, and the trip takes about 20 to 50 minutes (depending on the traffic conditions and what other passengers in the same van are going).

  • Light Rail. You can take a light rail train from the Seattle airport to either downtown Seattle (Westlake Station) or the University district (University of Washington station, not the University Street station). Click here for the light rail web site or click here for the bus web site. The fare is US$3.25. You can then take a taxi to the hotel. (Alternatively, you can take bus #73 from the University of Waashington station or #70 from the Westlake station to the hotel. Click here for a map of the hotel and Savery Hall. You can ask the bus driver to alert you when the stop for the hotel arrives.)

2. Going from the hotel to the conference venue. The conference will be held in room 260, Savery Hall on the university campus, and is within walking distance from the hotel. Please wait at the lobby of Hotel Deca at 8:10 am, May 28, 2016. You can click here for a map of the hotel and Savery Hall. (Light breakfast will be served during registration.)


Click here for a flyer of the conference.

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