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(last update: January 15, 2002)

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Jan 15, 2002. "WTO rejects U.S. tax law", Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

"The European Union contends the tax breaks give American exporters an unfair edge in international trade. The United States holds that the tax advantage is no greater than comparable tax breaks in Europe."

Nov 15, 2001. "WTO's pledge on trade barriers removes 'stain of Seattle,' official says", Seattle Times.  

".....  officials from more than 140 countries in the World Trade Organization agreed yesterday on a plan for three years of negotiations aimed at lowering barriers to commerce worldwide.

".....  to negotiate agreements by Jan. 1, 2005, to lower tariffs, eliminate agricultural export subsidies and establish rules concerning the relationship between trade and the environment, among other things.

".....  effectively agreed to launch a new "round" of trade talks but the main declaration issued yesterday was called the Doha Development Agenda."

Nov 12, 2001. "Taiwan officially joins WTO", CNN web site.  

Nov 11, 2001. "China officially joins WTO", CNN web site.  

Sept 18, 2001.  "China WTO deal backed," South China Morning Post.

Sept 15, 2001.  World Digest. "Way clear for China's WTO entry," Seattle Times.

August 31, 2001.  R.C. Longworth. "'All-star' protest team at WTO? Groups would unify as one voice against globalization", Seattle Times.

Sept 30, 2000. MARTIN CRUTSINGER. "US, EU To Delay Trade Tax Sanctions", Associated Press.

The United States and the European Union reached agreement Saturday to delay imposition of a possible $4 billion in economic sanctions against the United States in a trade dispute involving tax breaks for American exports.

Under the procedural agreement, Congress will have until Nov. 1 to pass the legislation. The EU agreed not to impose any penalties until a separate WTO panel can rule on whether the new legislation complies with WTO rules.

September 22, 2000.  Matthew Vita. "Landmark China trade bill passes; vast market to open for U.S. businesses," Washington Post, reprinted in Seattle Times.

May 25, 2000.  Jelf Metcalf, Washington Representative to the US Congress. "China trade vs. 'the common defense'," Seattle Times.

May 25, 2000.  Editorial. "Labor misses the boat," Seattle Times.

May 24, 2000.  "House approves China trade pact," Muzi News.

May 19, 2000.  "Trade deal may open WTO for China," (trade deal with EU) Seattle Times.

May 18, 2000.  Nick Anderson. "China-trade winds shift: Legislation to grant permanent normal trade ties breezes through two key votes," Los Angeles Times, reprinted in Seattle Times.

...two influential congressional panels endorsed extending the permanent normal trade status to China by overwhelming margins. The House Ways and Means Committee embraced the bill by a 34-4 vote, and the Senate Finance Committee voted for it, 18-1. 

March 31, 2000. "EU's trade talks with China break down," Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

March 30, 2000. "Clock is ticking, chief of WTO says U.S. election curtails window for trade talks," Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Moore said yesterday that there is only a "modest chance" of a new round of talks aimed at opening world markets getting under way by the start of the campaign in late August. After that, the political sensitivity of trade issues in the United States would be probably keep any progress from being made.

March 29, 2000. "China trade backer says support for bill fading," Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Feb 25, 2000. "China's WTO bid in trouble," Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Feb 24, 2000. "Trade tax breaks to continue for U.S. firms despite WTO action," Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Feb 24, 2000.  Jonathan Peterson. "WTO ruling says U.S. tax law dodges international trade rules," Los Angeles Times, reprinted in Seattle Times.

In a stinging rebuke to the United States, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that billions of dollars in tax breaks enjoyed by U.S. multinational corporations violate global trade rules.

Feb 15, 2000. DAVID THURBER. "Poor countries hold the line on fairness in trade talks," Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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