History 490 B/C, Winter 2007
Biology, Society, and Human Diversity

News items

"Dating show for the disabled [Netherlands]" (CNN, Feb 27)
"Sorority evictions raise issues of looks and bias [and race and science!] (NY Times, Feb 24)
"Chimps seen hunting with handmade spears" (Seattle Times)
Headline does not mention that 2/3 of the tool-users were FEMALES.

"Growth stunting foes meet with AMA leaders" (PI, Feb 21)
"Indian gov to raise abondoned girls" (Yahoo, Feb 21)
"Autism gene scan reveals two new clues" (ABC, Feb 19) (Medical News Today, Feb 20)
"Study finds out why it's gross to kiss your sister" (Reuters, Feb 16)
"Genetic tests offer promise, but raise questions too" (NY Times, Feb 17)
"Blood center to collect DNA of donors (Times, Jan 28)

"Darwin Day" Feb 12 (http://www.darwinday.org/)
"Darwin Day puts spotlight on intelligent design" (PI, Feb 5)

"Whoopi's DNA may reveal poor nation's lucky star" (PI, Feb 8 A&E section)
"Justice expanding DNA collection to include illegal immigrants" (http://government.zdnet.com/?p=2893)
"Researchers identify gene found in 2 out of 5 breast cancer patients" (Science Daily, Feb 5)
"FDA clears genetic test to predict breast cancer relapse" (Foodconsumer.org, Feb 7)

"Girl or boy? As fertility technology advances, so does an ethical debate" (NY Tiimes, Feb 6 and blog responses)

"Of Gay Sheep, Modern Science, and Bad Publicity" (NY Times, Jan 25)

White/black dolls experiment, "Young student's documentary leaving audiences stunned" (KOMO TV clip)

"Ashley Treatment": the Seattle girl whose parents had her growth stunted to care for her more easily. PI story, parent's website, blog entries.
"After Ashley: covering children with disabilities" (on how the press has reported the case)

Politics of science of global warming: "Federal Way schools restrict Gore film" (Seattle PI, Jan 11)

Human embryo business in Texas (Houston Chronicle), FDA investigates (PI, Jan 13).
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