LSJ/CHID 332 Disability and Society
Spring 2009

Course readings

Week 1
March 31 Introductions: What is disability? What is normal?
No readings

April 2 Language & stereotypes
READ (before the start of class): Simi Linton, "Reclamation" & "Reassigning Meaning" (pdf 1.3Mb)
Jack Nelson, "When Stereotypes Tell the Story" (pdf 90kb) (or link)
John Hockenberry, "Fear of Bees" (pdf 650kb)

DUE by Thurs 11am: 1 primary post with your reflections on the readings for today. Write about 2-3 paragraphs, which is about 1 paragraph per reading. Bookmark this link to the course discussion board:

DUE by Sunday April 5, 11pm: 2 secondary posts continuing the conversations about the readings and lectures.

Week 2
April 7 Defining disability, Disability Studies, the Disability Rights Movement
READ: Joseph Shapiro, No Pity (textbook), Introduction & Chapters 1 & 2
Colin Barnes and Geof Mercer, "Disability: A Choice of Models" & "Disabling Societies" (pdf 1.5Mb)
DUE by Tues. 11am: primary post with your reflections on these readings.

April 9 Discrimination and empowerment
Video in class: When Billy Broke His Head and Other Tales of Wonder (on reserve Ode Media)
READ: Paul Longmore, "Why I Burned My Book" (pdf 10Mb)
Allan Rucker, "The Gimp Media Revolution" (Word doc) (or link to article with photos), or alternatively read the older media critique Paul Longmore, "Screening Stereotypes" (pdf 700kb)
Shapiro, No Pity, Chapters 3 & 4
DUE by Thurs. 11am: primary post with your reflections on these readings.

DUE by Sunday April 12, 11pm: 2 secondary posts.

Week 3
April 14 Stigma and identity
Video: Talk part 1, part 2
READ: Erving Goffman, "Stigma and Social Identity" (pdf)
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, "Disability, Identity, and Representation" (pdf 700kb)
Simi Linton, "Disability Studies/Not Disability Studies" (pdf 200kb)
DUE by 11am: primary post about Tues readings

April 16 History of disability
READ: Douglas Baynton, "Disability and the Justification for Inequality in American History" (pdf 1Mb)
Roy Porter, "Madness and Psychiatry Talking: A Historical Dialogue" (pdf 16Mb)
James Charlton, "Culture(s) and Belief Systems" (pdf 800kb)
Shapiro, No Pity, Chapters 5 & 6
DUE Thurs 11am: primary post about Thurs readings.

DUE by Sunday Apr 19, 11pm: 2 secondary posts contributing to this week's discussions.
DUE Sunday April 19, 11pm to dropbox: ESSAY #1  (essay guidelines in Word)

Week 4
April 21 History of eugenics
READ: Philip Reilly, "Involuntary Sterilization in the US: The Surgical Solution" (pdf 2.8Mb)
Joerg Bottger, "Review of The Origins of Nazi Genocide" (pdf 120kb)
Anna Stubblefield, "Beyond the Pale: Tainted Whiteness, Cognitive Disability, and Eugenics" (pdf)
DUE Tues: primary post Tues, 11am

April 23 Disability policy and civil rights
READ:Richard Scotch, "American Disability Policy in the 20th Century" (pdf 2.2Mb)
Leslie Francis and Anita Silvers, "Introduction: Achieving the Right to Live in the World" (pdf 2.8Mb)
Summary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and court cases (pdf 800kb) -- link fixed

DUE: primary post Thurs, 11am

DUE: Sunday April 26, 11pm: first media item and interpretations (to dropbox)
2 secondary posts

Week 5
April 28 Deaf history and culture
Guest speaker: Lance Forshay, UW, ASL and Deaf Studies
READ: Harlan Lane, "Construction of Deafness" (pdf 6Mb)
RAR Edwards, "Sound and Fury; or, Much Ado About Nothing?" (htm file)
Carol Padden and Tom Humphries, "Cultures into the Future" (pdf 5Mb)
DUE: primary post about the readings Tues 11am.

April 30 Personal narratives and political activism
Film in class: If I Can't Do It
READ: Harriet McBryde Johnson, "The Disability Gulag" (html file)
Carol Gill, "Questioning Continuum" (pdf 400kb)
Shapiro, No Pity, Chapters 7 & 8 & 9 & 10
DUE: primary post about the readings Thurs. 11am

DUE: Sunday May 3, 11pm: 2 secondary posts
DUE: Sunday May 3, 11pm to dropbox: ESSAY #2 (guidelines as Word doc)

Week 6
May 5 Disability culture, pride, identity
Video in class: Vital Signs: Crip Culture Talks Back
Recommended reading before we watch Tues's film Vital Signs about disability culture (it's short and provocative): Garland-Thomson, "Staring Back" (pdf, 5 pages)

Required READ: Colin Barnes and Geof Mercer, "Disability Culture: Assimilation or Inclusion?" (pdf 1Mb)

And post about either:
Eli Clare, "The Mountain" (pdf 500kb) from Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation (South End Press, 1999)
Bradley Lewis, "A Mad Fight: Psychiatry and Disability Activism" (pdf 7Mb)
DUE: primary post Tues 11am

May 7 Intersections of disability, race, and gender
"The Power of 504" video in class (YouTube link created by DREDF)
READ: Joshua Lukin, "Black Disability Studies" (html file) (link to original article page)
Susan Wendell, "Toward a Feminist Theory of Disability" (pdf 900kb)
Nancy Mairs, "Carnal Acts" (pdf 600kb)
DUE: primary post Thurs 11am

DUE: secondary posts Sunday 11pm.

Week 7
May 12 Beyond ADA compliance: universal design and invisible disabilities
READ: N. Kagenda Mutua, "The Semiotics of Accessibility and the Cultural Construction of Disability" (pdf 700kb)
Elizabeth Sierra-Zarella, "Adapting and Passing: My Experience as a Grad Student with Multiple Invisible Disabilities" (pdf)
"Principles of Universal Design" (html file) (link to UD page)
DUE: primary post Tues 11am

May 14 Who qualifies for rights?
Guest lecture: Sherrie Brown
READ: Judith Failer, "The Civil Commitment of Joyce Brown" (pdf 850kb)
Eva Feder Kittay, "When Caring is Just and Justice is Caring: Justice and Mental Retardation" (pdf)

DUE: primary post Thurs 11am

DUE: Sunday 11pm, 2 secondary posts

DUE: Sunday May 17, 11pm, Media Project (handout TBA)

Week 8
May 19 Disability and technology
Guest lecture Michael Richardson
Film in class: Sound and Fury
READ: Bonnie Tucker, "Deaf Culture, Cochlear Implants, and Elective Disability" (pdf)
John Hockenberry, "The Next Brainiacs" (html file) (link to same article in Wired)
DUE Tues 11am primary post

May 21 Self-advocacy and life stories
Guest lecture Michael Orsini
READ: Cal Montgomery, "Critic of the Dawn" (Word doc) (same article in Ragged Edge) and "Defining Autistic Lives" (html file)
Robert Bogdan and Steven Taylor, "The Judged, Not the Judges" (pdf 4Mb)
Anne Wilson and Peter Beresford, "Madness, Distress, and Postmodernity: Setting the Record Straight" (pdf 1.2Mb)
Videos in class:
DUE Thurs 11am primary post

DUE Sun 11pm, 2 secondary posts

Week 9
May 26 Disability bioethics
READ: Adrienne Asch, "Disability, Bioethics, and Human Rights" (pdf)
Harriet McBryde Johnson, "Unspeakable Conversations" (html)
Handout about the Ashley X growth attenuation case (Word document)
DUE Tues 11am primary post

May 28 Disability in non-Western cultures
Guest lecture Jose Alaniz
READ: "United Nations Convention on the  Rights of Persons with Disabilities" (html)
DUE Thurs 11am primary post

DUE Sunday 11pm secondary posts

Week 10
June 2 Medicine, ideology, and the body
READ: Sumi Colligan, "Why the Intersexed Shouldn't Be Fixed" (pdf)
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, "Integrating Disability Studies into the Existing Curriculum" (pdf 1.2Mb)
Ayesha Vernon, "The Dialectics of Multiple Identities and the Disabled People's Movement" (pdf 200kb)
DUE Tues 11am: primary post

June 4 Disability and diversity
READ: Kay Shriner and Richard Scotch, "Disability as Human Variation: Implications for Policy" (pdf 1.5Mb)
Lennard Davis, "The End of Identity Politics and the Beginning of Dismodernism" (pdf 9.6Mb)
DUE Thurs 11am: primary post

DUE Sunday, 11pm secondary posts

DUE Tues. June 9, 11pm to dropbox: Essay #3 (handout in Word)
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